Arsys optimizes Webmaker, its inexperienced website creation platform

The solution that allows entrepreneurs, SMEs and freelancers create websites without knowledge no experience, webmakerhas been renewed by Arsys.

The application, which has been on the market for more than 15 years and brings millions of web pages to life around the worldincorporates everything you need to create a professional website with design responsive, that is, adapted to both desktop computers and all kinds of mobile devices.

Webmaker is offered in three versions: Pro, Premium, and Marketing Premium. All have improved their interface, optimized usability, incorporated a new file manager as well as new templates to offer a greater range of designs to webmasters.

The easiest way to create a website

Its main characteristic is the usability and simplicity, which really allow anyone to set up a professional-looking website in just a few steps. It has a very intuitive interface and the management of its content is carried out with an editor that works with the efficient and well-known “drag and drop” system. In addition, it does not require the installation of plugins, add-ons, or templates, as is the case with other similar tools, and it does not require the usual maintenance and updates of databases, programming languages, or security patches.

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Changing the size of photos or adding and removing features are everyday activities that are solved very easily with Webmaker. Among its improvements, it also highlights the possibility it offers to edit web pages from their own mobile devices, making life even easier for its users and allowing them to carry out any update task (or create the web from scratch) from their own smartphone.

«Webmaker is a very reliable and professional content management platform, ideal for small businesses to take their first steps on the Internet and boost their business on the Internet with a professional website that they can create without the need for technical knowledge. If its hallmark was its simplicity and usability, in the new versions this is even more evident. In addition, having a website is part of a long-term strategy, which is why Arsys guarantees the technological evolution of the solution and offers you a free 24/7 customer service that makes the difference when doubts or difficulties arise»explains Alberto Blanch, business development manager at Arsys SMB.

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