Arsys presents a managed Kubernetes platform that offers the speed, agility, flexibility and reliability that companies need

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform designed to automate application deployment, scaling, and management. For many organizations it has become the standard for deploying microservices-based applications but it can be complex to manage and requires specialized IT professionals.

To make it easier for companies to adopt these technologies, Arsys has developed Managed Kubernetes, a managed Kubernetes infrastructure capable of deploying a container-based project with just a few clicks. Since Arsys takes care of the management, users can concentrate on their developments and forget about the need to attend to the underlying infrastructure.

The easiest way to manage container workloads

Arsys Managed Kubernetes is characterized by its scalability, flexibility and ease of use. driving. This platform allows you to automatically configure and deploy a Kubernetes cluster, provides a stable execution environment with full redundancy, and handles updates and installation of any necessary security patches.

The creation and maintenance of clusters and groups of Kubernetes nodes is done through the Arsys Data Center Designer, a tool that also allows the creation of virtual data centers. It works with a very simple graphical interface and provides an overview of existing managed Kubernetes clusters at any time.

“We want to make it easier for companies to adopt any technology and that is why we have developed a managed Kubernetes platform that makes it easier to administer these projects and that will help companies simplify their day-to-day activities by automating routine tasks. and repetitive. Our platform offers IT teams a flexible, modern architecture with all the speed and freedom of movement organizations now need. All this with a clear and transparent invoice model where the client will only pay for the infrastructure used”, explains Fernando Fuentes, director of Arsys Cloud Solutions Partners & Product.

In addition, Arsys makes available to its clients a team of specialized professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience in managing all types of cloud environments. Its business support is recognized by its own clients and is adjusted to the needs of each project.

Managed Kubernetes Features

  • High availability. Geo redundant control plane and high availability to guarantee the service of your cluster.
  • Dedicated Resources. Dedicated CPUs and RAM for your worker nodes.
  • High scalability. Ease of scaling to meet the demand for your containers.
  • Payment for use and no management fees. Pay only for the infrastructure you use.
  • Cloud technology. Your containers are deployed in cloud infrastructure managed by Arsys.
  • Fast and easy. Deploy your Kubernetes cluster in a few minutes.
  • 24/7 support Free in Spanish.
  • Maximum security. Our experts take care of the management of updates and security patches.
  • Integrated persistent storage. Based on a dual redundant architecture, designed to be fault tolerant.
  • High resilience infrastructure. Clusters support multiple groups of nodes spread across multiple data centers. Designed to survive, even in the event of total data center failure.
  • Root access. Root access to the cluster with the Kubernetes API.
  • Integration of native solutions of Kubernetes that offer a wide range of complementary services (istio, linkerd, Prometheus, Traefik, Envoy, fleuntd…)

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