Artificial Intelligence comes to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Among the enormous amount of software that we can install on our computer, one of the most common options is the productivity suite. office from Microsoft. It is made up of programs as well known and used as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Not in vain are we referring to what could be considered the highest benchmark in the office software sector. Hence, the programs that make up this suite that we are talking about from Microsoft are present in most of the equipment current. Users make use of these applications both in professional and more domestic and personal environments. All this thanks to the enormous number of functions and tools that they provide us by default.

To a large extent this is achieved thanks to the improvements and updates that the software giant sends us periodically. With all this, what Microsoft intends is to adapt these popular applications to the current times, as is the case that concerns us now. And it is that it is more than likely that many of you have heard about and read news about the latest AI platforms. Everything related to Artificial Intelligence is more on everyone’s lips than ever, and it is a technology called to be part of our lives soon.

That is precisely why many companies are trying to adapt and improve their projects based on the aforementioned AI. As is evident, Microsoft could not be left behind in this growing field right now. If we add to all this the immediate event that the software giant is preparing, it is speculated that Artificial Intelligence would reach the aforementioned programs that you all know.

Artificial Intelligence will come to Office

We tell you all this because based on the latest information, Microsoft will begin to tell us about its next generation of office applications to improve productivity using AI. These applications will be based on OpenAI technology and the firm is expected to demonstrate its integration into such important office tools as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

This is an event that will be held shortly, on March 16, for attendees to learn first-hand about Microsoft’s plans to take Open AI to these programs. At the same time, he will talk about how the set can be used to improve the productivity of its users. The firm will make public various demonstrations to show how AI can be integrated with its suite of office products. With all this, what is intended is improve functionality existing of these programs.

Among the novelties that the use of the Artificial intelligence could bring by the hand, we find automatic content creation, natural language processing, or automated workflows. All this is expected to be revealed by Microsoft itself in the event that we are discussing. In addition, we must bear in mind that one of the main benefits of integrating AI in office automation is to improve our productivity by automating various tasks that would otherwise consume a lot of time.

At the same time, this technology can improve the user experience thanks to intelligent functions adapted to each one.

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