Artificial Intelligence Forum: the technology that will raise the country

The Artificial Intelligence Foruml which took place yesterday in Madrid, brought together more than 100 people in the room and more than 700 followed the event by streaming. Our colleagues from MuyComputerPRO and the Fundación Alianza Digital 2030 were one of the organizers of the event, which took place in the assembly hall of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and was inaugurated by Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the morning, Foro IA has served as inspiration for professionals and companies that are currently wondering how they can integrate new AI capabilities into the digital transformation processes in their businesses.

In this sense, Artigas has emphasized that «Spain is in a process of profound transformation, at a time when European funds are an opportunity to make profound changes in our production model ». In this profound transformation, the Secretary of State has valued the great role that Artificial Intelligence can play, of which she has ensured in the medium term “It can increase European GDP by 14% and business productivity by more than 40%.”

For this to be possible, however, Carme Artigas affirms that it is necessary for Spain to advance in the digitization of their SMEs and in the development of digital skills in citizenship, since we can reach a scenario in which we maintain a structural unemployment of 15% while thousands of positions related to technology still do not find suitable candidates (in Spain, 180,000 positions in cybersecurity have not been filled). The policy has demanded that this digital transformation be “green” and fair, capable of closing the gaps that separate citizens and not widening their differences and finally, it has demanded that Spain “take advantage of its opportunity to” lead the development of AI in the Spanish language ».

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In the opening session of the event, the director of the EOI, Nieves Olivera, the executive director of the Fundación Alianza Digital 2030, David Cierco, and the president of Atrevia, Nuria Vilanova. The three have agreed when highlighting that we start from a reality: that as the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, the development of Artificial Intelligence has to become a lever of change for the future of our country, predicting a profound impact in areas such as administration management, public services and the competitiveness of companies.

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