Artificial intelligence will come to the Raspberry Pi thanks to SONY

Demand for the world’s most popular SBC within the industrial world has increased tremendously, however the technical limitations of the platform for certain applications have become an opportunity for accessories that increase its capabilities beyond what comes standard. From there SONY’s commitment to the Raspberry Pi to bring their cameras and chips with artificial intelligence.

One of the shortcomings that the most advanced models of the Raspberry Pi have is the lack of processing units for the AI, this being one of the reasons why alternative models with much more advanced chips are rubbing their hands in the face. And this has a problem in a product that has left the educational world, for which it was thought at the beginning to move to the world of the Internet of things and especially to industrial use. And since any lack becomes an opportunity to sell a product, this is where SONY Electronics, not to be confused with the PlayStation division, has decided to take advantage of the situation to place its chips for AI.

This is how SONY will bring its Aitrios technology to the Raspberry Pi

The semiconductor division of SONY has decided to bet on the Raspberry Pi to bring its Aitrios technology, which is oriented to artificial intelligence for said market. The advantages that these chips bring to the most popular SBC in the world? Well, it multiplies the capabilities for real-time image processing applications, such as facial recognition and surveillance tasks.

To do this, SONY’s Aitrios chips not only help processing, but also help reduce latency time. Which is extremely important for such applications. And what is the Broadcom chip of the Raspberry Pi 4 does not have enough processing capacity, but it is not the only advantage that the veteran Japanese multinational will bring to the board, since it also offers cloud processing from its metadata servers in order to improve the processing capacity in image treatment.

We have to clarify that we are not talking about processing in the cloud, but within the chip itself. Hence the lower latency to the processor and that they are ideal for certain applications that are based on image processing, which will be obtained with cameras with IMX500 AI image sensor from SONY itself

Raspberry Pi SONY IMX500

AI will also invade the IoT world

All this comes from the growing trend that AI will be used in devices oriented in the internet of things. It must be taken into account that in certain applications having a response on time is extremely important. For example, in the application in cars, where it is essential that objects are recognized at the right time to avoid accidents or errors when parking. Which is a real challenge on a Raspberry Pi, the best-selling IoT device today, due to its limited processing capabilities, a problem that will persist until we have a fifth generation version.

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