As the stock market crashes due to the Omicron, Apple shares rise


We all know that there is very important news that even shakes the world stock market, if only for an hour. Of course, the appearance of the new variant Omicron COVID-19 has affected the stock market around the planet, with a general fear of its investors.

But as always happens, to a troubled river, fishermen gain. Manzana and Tesla have seen their shares rise in recent hours. And the reason is none other than the solvency of their companies. Many investors, when they see that the storm is coming, look for the thickest tree to take refuge….

The alarming news these days about the new African variant Omicron of the COVID-19, have had an impact on the stock indices of all sectors. Even tech giants like Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft have seen their stock prices drop. The Dow Jones is down 651 points, the Nasdaq is down 1.6% and the S&P 500 is down 1.9%.

Instead, Apple shares have risen in value these days. They have increased their share price by 3.16%. The reason is very simple: short-term investors see apple stocks as a safe haven with good prospects for the coming months.

Apple weathered the pandemic crisis well

The news network CNBC, for example, it has reported that investors consider that Apple is a safe bet in the short term because it has the necessary cash to overcome any economic slowdown, and could even overcome without problems a new global crisis due to the pandemic, as already happened last year. last.

He also explains that there are indications that current Apple products, especially those iPhone 13 Pro, they are selling well, potentially leading to a great turnover quarter for the company. Apple said in October that it expected record revenue in its first fiscal quarter, on sales of $ 111.4 billion last year, despite supply constraints on its devices.

Investors have undoubtedly seen how Apple was able to solve the great global crisis of early 2019 with the China factories closed Due to the start of COVID-19, and later all the Apple Stores on the planet also closed for months, and that did not affect the good financial health of the company much. After a first one-off downturn at the beginning of the pandemic, its shares rose in value again and since then they have not stopped growing. Apple is certainly a safe bet.

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