ask for the 400 euros of the Youth Cultural Bonus without a certificate

Considered by many a maneuver to buy votes, one of the aids offered by the Government of Spain to promote consumption among 18-year-olds is the Youth Cultural Bonus. This bonus is made up of 400 euros, which can be exchanged for all kinds of “culture”, from music, cinema or video games to all kinds of cultural activities. However, many have encountered many digital barriers when trying to apply. That is why the State has proposed to simplify the procedures. And now anyone can order it without relying on a digital certificate.

The Youth Cultural Bonus has been available to apply for since last July. To do this, it was necessary to have a digital certificate on the computer that allows us to identify ourselves on this website. It is also possible to do so through the Cl@ve system, if you are registered with it.

Despite this, many young people have complained that, for various reasons, they have not been able to get hold of the 400-euro bonus. And, in addition, there is less and less time to request it. Therefore, from today, it is possible to request it without complicated digital procedures, as on previous occasions, thanks to Post.

Request the face-to-face Youth Cultural Bonus

To request the bonus of 400 euros in person, the first thing is to meet the requirements that are requested, that is, to have a valid DNI and to have been born between January 1 and December 31, 2004 (that is, , having reached the age of 18 in 2022). If we comply with them, we can enter the following link and click on the “Request at Correos” button to start the process.

The first thing we will do is register on the platform using our email address, and click at the bottom to tell the system that we are not a robot.

Youth Cultural Voucher - Correos 2

And that’s it. We will see how to download a PDF file to our computer, and some simple instructions that we must follow. These tell us, basically, that we must download the application form, fill it in with the information requested, sign it, print it and deliver it, in person, at any post office. We must carry with us only the DNI. At the Post Office they will help us to submit the application successfully.

Youth Cultural Bonus - Correos 3

Once the application has been submitted, we can only wait for the resolution. This process may take more or less days depending on the number of pending requests. Of course, the waiting times are being too long, so we will have time to think about what to spend them on.

What to spend the 400 euros on

Although, to be honest, the distribution of money does not have any logic, at least we will not be able to spend it freely, but we will have some “limits” to prevent it from being wasted and distributed, more or less equitably, spending between the various concepts of culture.

  • 200 euros have to be spent on live activities. These can be cinema, theater, museums, exhibitions or festivals.
  • 100 euros for products in physical support. That is, books, magazines, newspapers, video games (in physical format), CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray.
  • 100 euros in digital consumption. Subscriptions or rentals, podcasts, subscriptions for online games, etc.

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