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The arrival of a child is always a joy, not to mention the second or third. However, at the same time this means an important change in our lives and an increase in expenses. Maybe this help from Tax agency which we will talk about below will be very useful in these circumstances that we are discussing.

Throughout the last months we have been able to access, depending on the circumstances and situation of each one, different aid proposed by the government. Now we want to focus on those that will not be useful in the event that we have dependent children. Specifically, we are referring to a help that we can access in the event that we have a child under 3 years of age at home.

To give us an idea, we are talking about a measure included in the 2023 General Budgets and the Family Law. With all this, what is intended is to offer help for the enormous expenses of families with minors in their care. Initially, this benefit has been with us since last year 2021, although now it has undergone some changes.

Requirements to receive the baby check of 100 euros per month

In fact, the benefit extends its coverage to reach a greater number of families that need it, and it is a paycheck 100 euros per month. This is now extended so that mothers who are currently unemployed and do not have a permanent job can request it. In turn, any family that is already receiving contributory benefits or unemployment benefits may request it.

In addition, to be able to access this benefit, you must meet some essential requirements, as we will show you below:

  • Women with children under three years of age.
  • It can be requested by the father or guardian in the event of the death of the mother.
  • In the event that both parents are of the same sex, both may request it.
  • He will also receive it parent or tutor if you have full custody of the children.

Now let’s see how we can request this baby check that we are telling you about for 100 euros per month over the Internet. In short, if we have a dependent child under the age of three, we can access this benefit of 100 euros per month that we are talking about.

How to request the aid of 1200 euros per year

If we meet the requirements that we have mentioned above, it should be noted that we have the possibility of requesting this check baby comfortably from home. Initially, for all this, all we need is to open our favorite Internet browser. Next, we go to this website enabled by the Tax Agency itself for this purpose.

help baby

Then, in it we will have to click on Model 140. Presentation and we will be able to digitally identify ourselves here. This is something we can do through the method Cl@ve or using a digital certificate. Later on we already find the corresponding form in Pdf format where we will have to fill in all the information that is requested.

At this point it is important to know that we need both the NIF of the applicant as the minor in our charge. As expected, we will also have to establish his date of birth and then we will have to wait a maximum of 6 months to see if our request for help is accepted.

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