ASO volcano in Japan erupts and causes alert on the island | VIDEO

Japan has more than 110 active volcanos throughout its territory and in recent months, the island’s population has been affected by the eruption of several of them. This morning was the case of ASO volcano, which erupted and the moments of activity were captured on video.

Japan’s meteorological agency reported that at 11:43 a.m. Japan, began the activity of the volcano that is located in the Kumamoto region. The phenomenon caused some seismic movements and a large number of smoke clouds and fumaroles.

On the scale of alert that exists in Japan and that has five levels of gravity, this activity caused it to change from 2 to 3, especially due to the large amounts of smoke that were presented, which reached up to 3 kilometers in height.

So far, the authorities of Japan They have not reported any injured or affected by volcanic activity, but they did explain that the area has been closed for public access for several days.

The smoke rose up to 3 kilometers high

In the viral video circulating on social networks you can see the volcanic activity, with smoke and gas clouds, as people comment on what they are seeing. The clip shows several cars that were parked on the side of the road to be able to record the moments of the eruption.

After a few minutes, the clouds near the volcano began to get bigger and many of those present decided to withdraw, for fear of being in danger from the eruption of the ASO volcano.

In recent days volcanic phenomena have been present in other regions of Japan. A few days ago on the island of Iwo Jima, volcanic activity caused the generation of rock islands and, therefore, several ships of the Second World War they floated up.


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