Asottech: new Spanish ICT talent hub with almost 100% employability

A few days ago, the Spanish Tech Talent Association was born, Asottech, with the objective of being the main representative institution of technological talent in the country. The association, which already counts with 14 members throughout the national territory, arises with the mission of collaborating, innovating and promoting Spain as a reference hub in training and technological innovation. Since 2020, the group has trained more than 5,000 students, with an employability of almost 100%.

Juan Riva, President of Asottech, explains that “As a result of conversations between leading schools in the sector in the country, we decided to found the Spanish Tech Talent Association. Our objective is to promote and support innovative educational tech models, promoting the work of these educational institutions and making their activity known and positive impact on the economy and society ”.

Likewise, Asottech intends to maintain a philosophy open to joint work with government institutions, specifically, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. “There is an opportunity to generate better and more tech professionals, within the framework of promoting Next Generation funds and in a Digital Europe (Digital Education Plan 2021 – 2027). It is urgent for Spain to get on the train so that it does not remain in the queue of tech countries, the opportunity is enormous “, clarifies Riva.

One of the key objectives is the promotion of tech qualification, inclusive and accessible in a framework in which the Covid 19 pandemic has set a historical precedent in the use of technologies and employability, also in line with the SDGs. To do this, it is a priority to work with public entities and assess the best use of public resources to promote tech studies that can also become public-private initiatives.

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The three pillars of Asottech

  1. Recognition and notoriety of innovative tech educational models: lead actions that help increase the public notoriety of the tech educational models of the associated schools, including the accreditation or certification of the educational model of the associated schools by public and private organizations.
  2. Increased study opportunities: lead and channel partner schools’ conversations with local / regional / state and / or private public institutions to increase access to funding for current and future student studies.
  3. Increase in the employability of students: lead and channel the conversations of the partner schools with the private sector to promote the employability of the students of the member schools.

In the end, the main objective of the association is to contribute to the promotion and effective use of technological means in the educational field and to promote innovative technological educational models, publicizing the positive impact they generate, both in employability and in the real economy. Its members empower and elevate companies and new talents through the development of digital skills that allow them to adapt to changes and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

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