ASRock launches the Blazing Quad M.2, an expansion card

The Blazing Quad M.2 is a new expansion card for SSD drives in M.2 format, with which ASRock aims to meet the storage needs of professionals who don’t have enough M.2 slots on their motherboard, or simply want to do a major upgrade without having to ditch their existing SSDs to free up the connectors.

This expansion card has a very simple design and works quite simply. On the outside we see a chassis that houses an individualized passive cooling system that can accommodate up to four M.2 SSD drives, and we have two small fans that add a touch of active refrigeration to the set, something essential to prevent working temperatures from becoming a problem.

ASRock’s Blazing Quad M.2 gets the energy it needs from three different sources, since it uses the PCIe slot to which it connects, it uses an additional 6-pin power connector and brings another 4-pin connector for the fans. Inside we can see that this network card is compatible with M.2 SSD units of different formats, including from the compact 2242 to the 2280, which is the longest and the one we are most used to using.

The passive cooling system is reinforced with two thermal pads that make contact with the storage units on both sides, and its four M.2 connectors are prepared to take full advantage of the performance of next-generation SSD units, since they They are compatible with the PCIe Gen5 standard and work in x4 mode. This means that, in total, this expansion card will consume 16 PCIe lanes, and that we must install it in a PCIe Gen5 slot that offers that number of lanes.

Be very careful with what I have told you in the previous paragraph, because if you connect this ASRock expansion card in a PCIe Ge4 slot, or in a slot that does not have 16 PCIe lanes available, you will be generating a significant bottleneck. We do not have details about the sale price.

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