ASUS has an OLED monitor with a heatsink so it doesn’t get hot

ASUS has come up with a monitor so fast, it generates so much heat that it needs a heatsink to prevent it from suffering from heating problems. That could be the quick introduction letter of the new ROG swift PG27AQDM, a very striking 27-inch monitor that has many more features that will attract your attention. Especially if you are a gamer.

The world’s fastest 1440p monitor

ASUS PG27AQN monitor with 360Hz

ASUS has presented a large number of monitors at CES, and among them there is one that attracts a lot of attention, the ROG Swift PG27AQN. And we are talking about a panel with 1,440p resolution that is capable of offering a 360 Hz refresh rate, a figure that we had not seen until now at said resolution and that aims not to make you blink for a thousandth of a second.

The model is basically an evolution of the PG259QNR, the 25-inch version that the gaming public has liked so much. In fact, it became the official monitor of the DOTA 2 international championship, although one of the limitations of said screen is that its resolution remained Full HD, so this 27-inch model gives a jump important reaching 1440p.

Why are 360 ​​Hz interesting?

At the gaming level, having the highest number of Hz possible allows players to get ahead of their opponents. In general terms, by having more images per second, the mouse click can perform its action at more specific moments of the action, so someone with a 360hz monitor can be faster than someone with a 60hz monitor.

For that reason, professional gamers prefer to lose resolution and get faster image refresh.

An OLED monitor with a heat sink

ASUS PG27AQDM OLED Monitor with Heat Sink

The other model that has caught our attention is the PG27AQDMsince it is a 27-inch OLED model with QHD resolution (1,440p) that promises incredible image quality with 240 Hz image refresh.

Taking into account the speed of the panel and the OLED technology, the images obtained are clear, sharp and with an incredible level of contrast, but that has a cost to take into account, and that is that the internal components generate heat. This heat is one of the main problems that causes burn-in of OLED panels, so ASUS have devised a practical solution that will avoid these problems.

ASUS PG27AQDM OLED Monitor with Heat Sink

To do this, they have reorganized the internal components, moving them away from the panel and have placed a heat sink that will be in charge of controlling the internal temperature. According to their tests, temperatures drop by 5% compared to other monitors.

How much they cost

In the CES season, manufacturers do not usually give prices immediately, so in the case of these monitors they will not make an exception. At the moment we do not know the price that these teams will have, so we will have to wait until the launch date approaches to find out more about them.

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