ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE raise the price of RTX graphics cards

When we touch on these issues we always try to do it with an open vision, since blaming a single factor is usually wrong. And it is that understanding this world of hardware in terms of GPUs is at least an odyssey, but we are going to try. What factors are causing the price to skyrocket?

AMD does not resist, NVIDIA is overwhelmed

As much as the efforts of the two main players in our ecosystem in GPUs want, they are not being able to stop a single hole that collapses their respective ships and of course, the water is slowly sinking the hopes of consumers. The first factor that makes the ship have more water than air in its interior is undoubtedly the mining market. Bitcoin rose again and dragged Ethereum, which returned to very high levels on the 3rd of this month and is now stabilizing again above the $ 2,700.

The miners seem to have found a way around NVIDIA’s software restrictions due to the company’s “supposedly leaked” driver. This coupled with the high prices are not preventing the mining of this cryptocurrency still rents, which is driving the price to a great extent.

The best example is found in the income data of ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE, where the first achieved an increase in 30%, the second of something less than that value and the third in something more than 25%. These data are the result of comparing July with August, so looking at this month’s peak, similar data is expected, which shows that graphics cards are being sold.

September adjusts prices on graphics cards: we return to the escalation

RTX 3070 Ti GA10-400

Disquieting news like few seen the stock of current graphics cards in stores, where they begin to accumulate, which does not seem to matter to any of these manufacturers if we consider the following: there will be price adjustment of the RTX 3080 and lower GPUs, as well as the GTX and RX series from AMD.

Being specific, manufacturers will raise the cost of RX 6000 GPUs between 3% and 7%while the increase in NVIDIA will be around 5% approximately. The problem is no longer this adjustment for September, but the forecasts until the end of the year, since there is speculation with multiple increases until the end of this year 2021.

At the moment the percentage data of these increases are unknown, but if this continues we will see a + 200% over MSRP In not too long, or what is the same, the RTX 40 will come to the market with very high prices as we have already seen, when the RTX 30 will cover the gaps with the same current costs or somewhat lower due to lower demand and forced stock cleaning.

An unheard of situation that leaves what happened with the RTX 20 in borage water. Fasten your seatbelts, because apparently curves are coming …

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