ASUS Pro Q670M-C-CSM, new motherboard for professionals

The Taiwanese giant has expanded its motherboard catalog for the professional sector with the ASUS Pro Q670M-C-CSM, a new solution that uses the Q670 chipset and LGA 1700 socketwhich means that it is ready to use the new Intel Alder Lake processors, based on a hybrid design that combines, as we know, high-performance cores and high-efficiency cores.

The ASUS Pro Q670M-C-CSM has a simple and discreet design, but this should not mislead us. It is made with components of high quality and have a finish that guarantees a long useful life. Among its most important keys we can highlight:

  • ASUS Shieldwhich integrates a series of very interesting security features, such as ASUS Boot Defender, which protects the computer from startup, automatic BIOS recovery and the TPM chip.
  • ASUS Reliantwhich ensures a high level of performance and maximum stability, thanks to a high quality construction with resistance to humidity, corrosion and sulfur, which makes it a good option for environments where humidity is high.
  • ASUS Management Suitewhich makes it much easier to manage the system, and record when the chassis is opened and when changes are made at the hardware level.
  • Simplify and facilitate both the configuration and assembly as well as the management of the equipment.

The ASUS Pro Q670M-C-CSM has four slots for DDR5 memory, has numerous connectors, allows you to install high-performance SSD drives and has 6 SATA III connectors, which means that we can connect a large number of storage units. How could it be otherwise, it is also compatible with DASH LAN and Intel vPro.

ASUS has not forgotten the professionals with special needs and that is why it offers a commercial BIOS kit that will allow us to customize the BIOS options, its boot logo, modify the OEM activation key and much more.

The ASUS Pro Q670M-C-CSM is compatible with Windows 11, although we do not have details on the sale price. However, I think it is likely that it will end up around between 150 and 200 euros.

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