ASUS Releases Evangelion-Based Graphics Card and Motherboard

The special editions of the different components and devices are not more powerful than the normal ones. However, this type of product, being limited, is sought after by collectors. Since its scarcity will trigger its market price in a few years. Well, in ASUS have paid homage to the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion with a motherboard and a graphics card. Let’s see how they are.

It is not usual to find component manufacturers that make themed versions of a popular franchise of pop culture in its different aspects. This usually comes more from the hand of those who make extreme modifications to their PCs. That is, people who usually create their own boxes in order to give them a unique aesthetic. Either to express your hobby and love for something or simply to demonstrate your creative abilities.

However, Japan is a world apart and it is normal for special editions of cases, motherboards, graphics cards, mice, keyboards, etc. to appear on PC. Which are based on popular manga and anime franchises. Either to take advantage of the pull of its popularity or simply for the most fans of it. Well, the graphics card and motherboard recently introduced by ASUS, based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, are a case of the latter. What is special about them and how do they compare to regular editions?

This is the ASUS motherboard and graphics card based on Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular anime in history, with a huge number of fans all over the world following a plot that recently ended after several decades. That is why we should not be surprised to see merchandising of all kinds related to this franchise, but what has surprised us is to see ASUS presenting special editions of two components for PC with Neon Genesis Evangelion aesthetics.

The first of them is a variation of the ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO with a green and purple color scheme inspired by EVA-01. As for its RGB lighting, it stands out for being themed around the famous anime. It is a motherboard with a Z690 chipset and, therefore, designed for Intel Core 12 processors. Its features include support for DDR5 RAM up to 6400MHza slot PCI-Express 5.0 for the graphics card, support 2.5 Gigabit LAN and integrated WiFi 6E. All this in an ATX form factor motherboard. Its price? At the moment we do not know.

As for the second component with the aesthetics of the popular anime, it is a graphics card with NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU. Obviously also under the same aesthetics. This receives the name of ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 O24G Evangelion Edition and its price will be, US$2,185yes Want a? Well, you may have been late, as ASUS has only produced 15 of these graphics cards based on the popular mecha anime. At the moment we do not know if it is only a mere aesthetic change.

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