ASUS ROG Delta headphones on sale and historic low price!

This is one of those offers that will last a short time, they have not been seen in a long time and logically we are going to prioritize it for obvious reasons before they are sold out. So without further ado, let’s see what these ASUS ROG Delta offer, why you should buy them and especially at what price Amazon has left them.

ASUS ROG Delta, when price is not a barrier, what more could you ask for?

The problem with these headphones was the price, since with their 199.99 euros It is not a cost that many can assume, but after today’s offer more than one user will be able to enjoy them on their PC or consoles.

And is that these gaming headphones are the first in history (of the very few) that have been equipped with chips Quad DAC ESS ES9218, a high-quality digital converter that will allow us to hear every detail of the game with extremely high sound clarity. Not in vain do they obtain a certificate Hi-Res Audio, TeamSpeak and Discord, as well as winning the best design award at IF 2019.


The ESS9218 that it integrates has no sound losses and converts the most common frequency ranges separately and what the others cannot, such as bass, mids, mid-highs and highs, without distinction and with precision. Therefore, it is capable of offering superior characteristics such as 127 dB SNR with an incredible signal-to-noise ratio.

Part of this improvement is integrated thanks to ASUS ROG’s exclusive Hyper-Grounding technology, since by adding a series of specific layers with top-quality materials and at different heights of the PCB, electromagnetic interference is eliminated. This also isolates the RGB lighting from the neodymium magnets, ensuring unsurpassed positioning and playback quality.

ASUS Essence, AURA Sync and cross-platform driver technology


ASUS has its own sound and driver technology that it has called Essence and that is based on sound deviation. The system is simple to understand, but tremendously complicated to carry out and it is based on a circular barrier that prevents interference between the high, mid and low ranges. This enables sharpness and a superior frequency response range of 20 Hz to 40 KHz, so we can hear even the smallest sound in each game.

Of course, it has support for AURA Sync with 6 different effects: static, breathing, strobe, color cycle, rainbow and music effect, where up to 16.8 million colors will be displayed in all of them.

These ASUS ROG Delta carry a port USB-C which improves compatibility with major devices, but also includes an adapter to switch to the more common USB 2.0 Type-A. To finish off the specs, you get a high-quality analog mic, dual-woven, interchangeable D-shaped ear pads, and instant controls for volume, mic, and RGB.

As we say, their price was 199.99 euros, while now they have dropped to 89.97 euros, a fall from 55%. If you don’t buy them, you will regret it when you see them go up in price again.

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