ASUS signs an agreement with IOON to grow in the eHealth line

ASUS has announced an agreement with ION, a company dedicated to software development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence or robotics, among other activities. Both companies aim to continue growing hand in hand in the field of eHealth.

IOON has more than ninety technological consultants with an important section in R&D to tackle projects that add value to society and, in this sense, the alliance with ASUS, also with a great innovative component, seeks to be able to carry out new projects in the health sector.

The first step will consist of the development and industrialization of a new solution for brain identification with which doctors will be able to activate an emergency protocol. ASUS will provide a sufficient quantity of ASUS VivoWatch BP to each institution to do the relevant teststo subsequently, once these tests have been satisfactorily completed, market the solution both in the healthcare industry in Spain and in Europe.

The first step will consist of monitoring several patients for six months, whose vital signs will be monitored to obtain a wide database for medical study. So that patients can be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ASUS will provide its VivoWatch devices.

In addition, in parallel, work is being done to develop a stroke prevention project. The idea here is to move forward until an emergency protocol can be activated to reduce the number of strokes in the future. In this sense, a team of neurologists continues to work on the parameters necessary to achieve this.

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The agreement will extend over five years in which both companies want to strengthen their position in the healthcare sector and continue developing projects related to stroke, cardiology, oncology or neurology, among others.

Nil Matut, Product Manager at ASUS Spain of trends in devices and technologies assures: “We believe that this agreement is a very important step to continue advancing in the health sector, a sector in which we believe that we have a lot to contribute thanks to our innovative component, and more at the hands of a company like IOON, in which we have I am confident in its ability to modify the SDK and load algorithms to adapt it to each application, something fundamental in the future of the eHealth sector”.

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