ASUS TUF Gaming B760M BTF, a unique motherboard

ASUS has introduced a very special motherboard, which as an innovative feature hides all connectors at the bottom. This type of design achieves a minimalist build appearance, cleaner cable management, and surely better temperature control.

The motherboard in question is the ASUS TUF Gaming B760M BTF. It is a model in micro-ATX format with great flexibility of use with its socket LGA1700since it allows to house 12th and 13th Generation Intel processors, from the most basic to the most advanced, the Core i9 Raptor Lake-S.

His last name “BTF” means “back to the future” and is what defines the special characteristics of a plate that place the connectors at the bottom. Those of energy feeding, the main group of the ATX and the additional ones; the headers to connect the external ports that will be located on the front of the chassis or on the back; the one for the Thunderbolt 4 port or the one dedicated to the Aura RGB lighting system. The connector to install the supported M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 solid-state drive is also located at the rear.

To say that motherboard manufacturers have been experimenting with this type of design and we have already seen solutions from MSI (Project Zero) or Gigabyte (Project Stealth). But they have been intended for use by PC manufacturers or in prototypes. This from ASUS will be the first commercial release for Intel’s latest platform.

Beyond the peculiar design, to say that the plate is included in the TUF series, focused on stability thanks to its military-grade componentsimproved power solution and a comprehensive cooling system with a multi-layer PCB design that rapidly dissipates heat around the voltage regulators (12+1 DrMOS power stages) to improve overall system stability and provide the CPU more possibilities for overclocking.

Despite the small size of a micro-ATX, it has three PCIe slots (one of them Gen5), four DDR4 memory slots and another M.2 connector to mount another SSD, in addition to the one located on the back. For Internet connection, it includes a 2.5G LAN and wireless chip with gain antennas for Wi-Fi 6.

This ASUS TUF Gaming B760M BTF is very interesting for those looking for a improved cable management and clean design. Temperature control should also be better without so much cable on the front. No prices have been provided. We hope that it will be added to the ASUS TUF motherboard catalog soon.

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