Asus will lower its GPUs by up to 25%, in a price drop scenario

After a few months in which GPU prices have been completely out of control and on the rise, it finally seems that they are starting to go down. ASUS has been the first manufacturer to promise a price reduction on some of its models Starting next April 1. Specifically, his models GeForce RTX 30: 3050, 3060, 3070, 3080 and 3090. Therefore, the discounts will not only be limited to their low-end Nvidia models, and will also reach the medium and high-end models.

The discount to be applied can, depending on the model, reach 25% of its current price. It is unknown if it will stop this reduction to the mentioned models, since the company has only assured that it will begin to reduce them at the beginning of April and that it will extend the measure to «different models throughout the spring«. What is known is the reason for this reduction, since Asus has pointed to the reduction of tariffs on imports to the United States from China.

Asus is one of the major graphics card players, behind two major GPU families: Asus and ROG. Additionally, it sells both reference and custom designs to both AMD and Nvidia. It is also an Intel partner, and in the future it will be responsible for manufacturing its Intel Arc chips. As for other graphics card manufacturers, they have not yet confirmed any price reduction, but it is to be hoped that if Asus confirms a reduction of this caliber, it will not take long for competitors like Gigabyte or MSI to follow in their footsteps.

This also comes in the midst of a general climate of GPU price reduction, as pointed out by Muycomputer. According to data from, graphics card prices are at their lowest point in over a year. Specifically, since the beginning of 2021. And this drop has not been exactly scarce. According to these data, the decrease in prices from the beginning to the end of March has been 25%. Of course, these data are reduced to the European Union, but can be seen as an indicator of what could happen in most regions in terms of prices.

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