ASUS will lower the price of all its NVIDIA RTX 30 graphics in April

The rise in prices that graphics cards have suffered in recent years has been one of the biggest ordeals for us, the users. That is why any price reduction is always welcome. And that ASUS will lower the price of graphics. At least for the moment those of the NVIDIA RTX 30, NVIDIA’s latest generation graphics cards. Is there a cat trapped in it?

There are several factors that have led to a sudden spike in hardware prices. Although an additional one can be added to graphics cards, which is mining, we cannot ignore at any time the effect of COVID-19 on production and the geopolitical scenario between the United States and China. And it is that today any product, including something as simple as a pencil, has components from different parts of the world.

And it is that the graphics cards, although they have a GPU designed in the United States, these are manufactured in Taiwan, the memory in South Korea and even components such as the PCB and the rest of the elements on the plate can come from China, etc. That is why protective tariffs end up being detrimental to many products that are produced in a country, but are manufactured abroad.

ASUS will lower the price of its NVIDIA RTX 30 graphics by 25%

We do not know at the moment if the rest of the manufacturers and assemblers of graphics cards are going to follow the same path as ASUS. At the moment this only affects the current NVIDIA range, from the RTX 3050 to the RTX 3090 Ti, which will suffer a drop in their recommended retail price of 25%. The motives? According to a representative of the popular manufacturer, this is a product of the lowering of taxes on imports from Asian countries to the United States. When will it become effective? next april 1although they warn that the different models will gradually drop in price.

ASUS’s announcement is at least curious if we think about it, since first of all this can affect the sale of its graphics cards in the coming days, but also that of the competition and it can be a ploy to quickly remove the inventory of their RTX 30 cards as they prepare to launch the next generation. If the drop in rates is really the reason, we should see the same announcement in a few days from other similar companies such as GIGABYTE, for example. And not only that, but also with AMD models.

Let’s not forget that last year the Taiwanese manufacturer already made two significant price increases to its graphics cards, in any case, it is clear that its rivals will have to react to the price drop. On the other hand, although this has been announced for the US, we cannot forget that the price is set from there for the rest of the world and, therefore, it is expected that this will also benefit us. At least it would be the most logical and it would be very ugly for ASUS if we had to pay more money.

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