at -75%, this Christmas offer for fiber is irresistible

SFR drops the price of its Internet box to only 10 euros per month, it’s time to save money before the Christmas holidays.

SFR is fully investing this December by unveiling a crazy offer on its Internet box. The supplier offers the best Fiber offer of the moment with a very relevant formula that no competitor is able to respond to. Please note, the reinstatement is not intended to last over time.

Currently, the SFR Fiber Limited Series Internet box is only 10 euros per month. Normally, it is nearly 40 euros per month, which represents savings of -75% compared to the initial rate. This is a complete subscription that includes a Fiber connection, but also TV and calls. Competing offers are not as comprehensive, they do not offer the TV option for the same price – eg.

To discover this Internet box at SFR, it’s here:

See SFR’s offer

This discount on the SFR Internet box is part of the special Mes Jours Fiber operation, an event that takes place just a few weeks before the Christmas holidays. Without discount, this same offer is priced at 38 euros per month, so remember to take action without delay so as not to miss this exceptional price.

An ultra-complete Internet box

The whole point of this Internet box lies in the fact that it is particularly complete for a reduced price. Whether it is the historical players who are in direct competition with SFR, but also the more modern suppliers, none is doing better at the present time. This is not likely to be the case before the Christmas holidays, it is all the more reason to change the offer immediately.

The SFR Fiber Limited Series Internet box is priced at 10 euros per month instead of 38 euros for high-speed fiber (up to 500 Mb / s for downloading and sending), unlimited calls to landlines in France and 160 TV channels with a 4K decoder.

To find out more about the Internet box at SFR, it’s here:

See SFR’s offer

With this triple-play Internet box, SFR is doing very well by including the fiber connection, calls and TV. The supplier can also boast of offering a good quality of flow with a connection of 500 Mb / s for sending and downloading. In comparison, its competitors are limited to 300 Mb / s or 400 Mb / s only for similar offers and higher prices.

Changing your Internet box is very easy with SFR. You must first verify your eligibility for Fiber by entering your home address directly on the supplier’s official website. After that, it only takes about ten minutes to complete the procedure. The icing on the cake is that SFR can charge up to 100 euros in cancellation fees for its own account if you are a customer elsewhere.

A complete range of Internet boxes at SFR

The Limited Series Internet box is SFR’s most accessible today, knowing that it also offers the best value for money in the range to date. However, the supplier offers several offers which have the merit of meeting everyone’s expectations and budget. To put it simply, there are the SFR Fiber and SFR Power ranges. Each of these formulas highlights Box 7 (standard) and Box 8 (premium).

Today, the Internet box at 10 euros per month is an SFR Fiber offer with Box 7. If you want to take the SFR Power 8 subscription with Box 7, its price is 24 euros per month for Fiber at the top speed (up to 2 Gb / s sending and 500 Mb / s downloading), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France as well as 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder. In addition, all Power plans come with free access to Netflix for six months.

Regardless of the Internet box, SFR guarantees the prices of its subscriptions for the entire first year – this is also the duration of the commitment with the operator. Thus, the Limited Series is 10 euros per month for one year then 38 euros per month. For its part, the second offer comes to 24 euros per month for a year then 43 euros.

The commitment period of each Internet box being one year, you are sure to benefit from the best price during the entire period. When the price goes up, you are free to cancel without having to justify yourself to SFR. Do not wait too long, the My Fiber Days operation will not last forever with the supplier.

To take advantage of the SFR Limited Series Internet box, it’s here:

See SFR’s offer

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