At a minimum, this is what a cheap laptop should have

Whoever wrote the lines you are reading right now recently decided to go buy a new laptop for work, since my old PC was beginning to show signs of weakness. So the adventure of going to look for a substitute offered me and I found myself in the middle of the experience with a series of bitter taste surprises. Among which I would highlight, above all, configurations that are less limited and that are not worth buying.

What should a cheap laptop carry?

As it is often said that cheap is expensive and you want to save a lot on a computer, it can mean not only having PC components with technical specifications, but also the difference in performance compared to spending a little more is quite considerable.

the processor

The first and most important point is the processor to the CPU, where the best options will be:

  • If you go for the blue brand, an 11th, 12th or 13th generation Intel Core, the newer the better with the letters ending in P or U at the end of the processor model.
  • In the event that you do it for AMD, then the models to take into account are the 5000, 6000 or 7000 series. Also against the professor ending in U or P.

In both brands, processors ending in H are usually reserved for high-end gaming laptops, which usually come with a dedicated graphics card and usually cost twice as much as these other laptops. So if you are not going to use the laptop to play today, you can save a lot of money and have the same performance in other tasks.

Another important point is the number of cores, do not choose any PC below four cores and a configuration of six will always be preferable. Obviously, if you see a model that meets the characteristics, we have said, and that is eight cores, then it should become your first option.


Most of these laptops use LPDDR memory, which is the same as that used by mobile phones, but it is not worse than conventional DDR in terms of performance, that is, bandwidth and latency. However, there is a problem that it is directly soldered to the laptop board and cannot be expanded.

Therefore, in these cases in which new modules cannot be placed as there are no expansion sockets, a choice of a good amount of RAM from the start, which can never be less than 8 GB and a configuration of more memory


Today, of course, today and due to the fact that a hard drive at its lowest price can be much more expensive than a solid drive, manufacturers are gradually adopting the use of SSDs to use them as storage units. basics on their cheap laptops. At the same time we have reached the point where in terms of cost a half tera hard drive is still the same as a one tera SSD.

So that is the amount of storage and the type of storage unit that our cheap laptop should have, so that boot times are fleeting and we do not want short memory capacity either. In any case, we recommend good storage management due to the fact that in many models the SSD drive is usually soldered to the computer’s motherboard.

Install portable SSD

Make sure that your cheap laptop has the necessary ports

These types of computers are usually short on ports, so we recommend buying a hub counter or a multi-port extender to add more USB connections. Today they usually come with two or three SuperSpeed ​​USB ports. So sacrificing one of the USB 3.0 ports to install a USB 2.0 hub that allows us to install peripherals that do not require as much bandwidth is important. We recommend leaving at least 1 free USB port to place an external hard drive for backups and to store information in the long term.

Ports will disappear laptops

Other ports that we recommend that there should be at least one USB type-c port, as well as an SD card reader and an HDMI output for a second screen, which you are going to miss at some point. Be especially careful not to fall short of necessary ports on your cheap laptop.

Keyboard and screen

Although it may seem silly to you, both are related, a screen that is too small means a keyboard that is too small despite being extremely portable in terms of size and looking great in photos, the reality is that 13-inch laptops are not very practical at the time to write.

laptop from above

15-inch or 14-inch laptops have long ceased to be those bricks that weighed so much and are now relatively light, what’s more, they weigh just over 1 kg. Therefore, they are easily portable, you can write well with them and usually have good enough screens to work with. Regarding resolution, try to choose 1 whose horizontal resolution is 1920 pixels, at least do not choose any with a lower resolution.

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