ATA strengthens its agreement with AVD to strengthen independent distributors

ATA and AVD renew their annual collaboration agreement. With this signature, the National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers and the Association of Direct Sales Companiesreinforce their objectives of increasing, enhance and strengthen the skills and knowledge of independent distributors that market the products of AVD member companies.

This agreement is articulated through training activities and advisory services. Regarding training, both organizations will develop quarterly sessions jointly, whose mission will be to generate greater knowledge of the rights, advantages and obligations of the self-employed figure within direct sales professionals.

Among those already planned are the approach to the new RETA system and the new 2023 flat rate for the self-employed, the explanation of the digital kits for SMEs and the disclosure of the legal obligations of the distributor in front of consumers.

Hybrid online and personal format

To enhance the transmission of these educational sessions, both the AVD and ATA are committed to a hybrid online and face-to-face format. On the other hand, professionals from AVD member companies will have free access to ATA advice in reference to legal, fiscal, economic or labor issues that affect them as self-employed workers.

After signing this agreement, Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA, has announced that, “This agreement helps self-employed direct sales professionals feel more protected thanks to the facilitation of advisory and educational services, with the ultimate goal of increasing your competitiveness and streamlining your daily work. In a context of so much economic uncertainty, we see it as necessary to be at the side of these professionals, who depend both on their skills and on the confidence and purchasing power of the final consumer”.

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For his part, Carlos Barroso, president of the AVD, pointed out that, “The direct sales business has almost 300,000 distributors in Spain who are starting their own business, according to data from SELDIA of 2021. In line with our mission of recognizing the role of the sector as an engine of entrepreneurship and innovation, it is our duty to make available to our distributors the necessary tools so that they can fully exploit the resources and advantages of their position as self-employed professional, as well as knowing all their rights and obligations. For this reason, the agreement with ATA is paramount and represents a key value contribution for our associates”.

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