Atento launches a customer service solution for startups, Flexible CX

Given the lack of a customer experience strategy that startups have, Atento launches Flexible CX. With it, these companies will be able to connect with customers in a more agile and flexible way.

Various studies indicate that 70% of startups do not have a customer experience strategy (CX, its name in English), which highlights the need to have proposals that help them establish a good relationship with their clients and know their needs and how to satisfy them in the best possible way.

Taking this into account, the company specialized in customer relationship services and business process outsourcing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Attentive, has launched a proposal to respond to this need.

Is about Flexible CX, a customer service solution designed to help startups connect with customers in an agile and flexible way, providing a complete and seamless customer experience. With this, these companies can optimize their customer experience without having to spend a lot of time that they can dedicate to serving their core business.

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As pointed out by Atento, the adaptability to projects with the potential to grow rapidly is one of the main benefits provided by Flexible CX, although it also allows optimizing operating costs, ensuring that clients gain flexibility compared to other traditional structures of customer service.

This flexibility compared to other proposals, allows creating unique experiences for end customers based on high quality technology and management and security models. In addition to giving the business a more human aspect, it also allows startups to integrate digitization into their customer service processes.

This is highlighted by Pablo Sánchez, Global CMO of Atento, who points out that “With Flexible CX we combine our omnichannel services with our extensive knowledge to create unique customer experiences that can better serve our fast growing business customers.”.

In this sense, the person in charge explains that, because many startups do not have internal experience in CX and there is a certain resistance to sharing resources, they hesitate to launch a powerful CX campaign, in addition to the cost of customization that you can suppose them.

Faced with this need to promote these initiatives, with Flexible CX “We can serve, help, care for and understand our clients’ end customers, providing a service that is unique to them, but also scalable to drive businesses of any size and adaptable to these organizations as they grow”, adds Sánchez.

Atento reinforces its CX strategy

Atento seeks with Flexible CX that startups lose their fear of addressing the customer experience and get the most out of it thanks to this multichannel offer. With it, these startups will be able to communicate with their clients using a single integrated platform, through which the most common requests can be automated.

However, in cases where requests require a greater degree of interaction, agents are incorporated to ensure that there is still a human touch, whenever necessary.

With this proposal, Atento continues to strengthen its post-sale process design strategy in aspects such as delivery confirmations or payment reminders with which it is able to improve relationship with customers and, at the same time, increase their degree of loyalty.

Flexible CX also joins its offer in this field in which it also has the solution CX Tailored for You, which allows customers to better understand the needs of their customers thanks to the collection of data and information through general and customer satisfaction surveys.

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