Atos and OVHcloud collaborate to advance quantum computing

Atos and OVHcloud they have partner to further advance quantum computingand with the aim that the quantum simulator developed by Atos is available to OVHcloud customers who want to access it through cloud solutions «as a service». In this way, both companies seek to make quantum simulation technologies more accessible to companies and organizations, in addition to participating in promoting all kinds of technologies related to quantum computing.

In the initial phase of the project that Atos and OVHcloud have, its first beneficiaries will be research centers, universities and startups, but also large companies. Thanks to this quantum simulator, all of them will be able to develop elements of software as a service before the large-scale arrival of this technology, and work on different use cases.

Both Atos and OVHcloud have committed to their alliance to contribute to the development of a coherent ecosystem, ready for when quantum computing technologies are more widespread and quantum computers are already available on a much larger scale than today. For now, the simulator being prepared by Atos and OVHcloud will emulate a real quantum environment, with the aim of reproducing the current approaches to quantum computing.

In this specific case, the simulator is generated from an Atos BullSequana X800 SMP server, giving it a power to address up to three different quantum programming models: gated, annealed, and analog models. In addition, it allows to simulate circuits of up to 37 qubits in double precision. Likewise, it allows the development of hardware platform-independent quantum software layers with any of the three models mentioned. All thanks to its proprietary quantum compilation technology, which is believed to also lead to the first applications optimized for already known processors, such as NISQ or Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum.

Thanks to this agreement, OVHcloud will also be able to offer quantum computing solutions through Jupyter Notebooks, something made possible thanks to Atos technology. These are designed based on free and open standards, and offer different features depending on the infrastructure on which they work.

Thierry Couche, CTO of OVHcloudhas highlighted that «By announcing this partnership, OVHcloud confirms its ambition to address and make the most advanced technologies accessible to the greatest number of people. The quantum revolution and the deployment of the first use cases cannot be achieved without the cloud, which guarantees a unique mode of consumption and freedom of use and is capable of uniting expert communities.”

For its part, Emmanuel Le Roux, SVP, Head of HPC, AI and Quantum at Atosstresses that “This partnership is an important step in preparing for the quantum revolution. Thanks to OVHcloud, we can offer a cloud “as a Service” to democratize and more widely share our quantum simulation technologies and be prepared for the future. We are convinced that the future of high-performance computing lies in the hybridization of our technologies, between traditional computing and the integration of coprocessors, accelerators, and cloud and quantum technologies. Already pioneers in quantum computing with the launch of our QLM in 2017, then the first simulator on the market, this strategic partnership with OVHcloud is another step in our quantum strategy.”

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