Atos and VMware extend their relationship to offer features that help extract more value from data

Atos and VMware have decided to extend their relationship to offer several built-in features focused on facilitating development of those known as data spaces, which are platforms that allow greater exchange, collaboration and monetization of data between organizations and companies, regardless of their infrastructure. All while facilitating both interoperability and data sovereignty.

By working on the development of these Data Spaces, Atos and VMware enable planning to deliver features that enable data and industrial applications to use and share information more strategically. In addition, this collaboration will offer functions in line with the Gaia-X architecture and will serve as a driver for its initiative, which aims to speed up the exchange of data through new digital platforms that comply with common rules, in addition to facilitating data sovereignty.

VMware and Atos have plans to combine the multicloud and application modernization capabilities of the former with the latter’s cloud, from which they will also draw their cybersecurity expertise and technology integration. These features are designed to provide the key building blocks for designing, developing, deploying, protecting, and managing Data Spaces, which will comply with jurisdictional data protection requirements.

In addition, organizations can use and monetize, thanks to these functions, the data to create machine learning and Artificial Intelligence services, and enable specific services from different sectors, such as financial services, public services, healthcare or life sciences. VMware and Atos features expected to be made available through this extended collaboration include: VMware Tanzu Data Services, VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Versatile Data Kit, Atos Digital Hub, Atos Cloud Features and those of Atos Edge and Bare Metal as a service. Also Atos cybersecurity products and services.

Laurent Allard, Head of EMEA Sovereign Cloud at VMwarehas highlighted that «a suite of data space features from VMware and Atos that will enable organizations to access a viable and fast way to share, manage and monetize their data with greater security. Today’s world is multicloud. Aligned with the principles of Gaia-X, the new functions will be designed in such a way as to offer the interoperability, reversibility and security necessary for European companies and industries to create value from data and propel their digital ambitions faster.»

For its part, Frédéric Malicki, CTO for Southern Europe at Atosnotes that “VMware and Atos are long-term partners and share a commitment to helping organizations derive value from data. Supporting the speed of development of Data Spaces and the sovereignty of Data Spaces with the functions of VMware and Atos we trust will provide customers with the necessary tools to drive the value not only of their own data, but also of federated data. , in collaboration with partners and colleagues. Organizations can transform existing data into new services that could, for example, help farmers better predict the weather or healthcare organizations improve living conditions for the elderly through automated energy management.«.

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