Atos appoints a new CEO to lead the consultancy division: Yves Bernaert

The French consulting firm Atos has appointed a new CEO. Is about Yves Bernaert, whose mission will be to lead the company while its division plans into two independent companies advance. Bernaert, who has been the head of Accenture Technology’s European division for nine years, will take on the role effective immediately. After the departure of his predecessor in office, Rodolphe Belmer, Atos had already had his most responsible position vacant for a few months.

In addition to the division of the company in two, Bernaert will also have to deal with the sale of his IT project outsourcing area, Tech Foundations, and lead Atos’ negotiations with a possible buyer for it: Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky.

However, the division of the group is not an operation that has a favorable opinion from all those involved in the process, and it has yet to be approved. If it goes ahead, Atos will keep the supercomputing, Big Data and cybersecurity divisions. The three will be part of the new company, which will remain listed on the stock market but under the name Eviden. For now, the internal operations that will lead to a future division of the group already ended last July.

It will be the part of Tech Foundations, even if it is sold, that will retain the Atos name. From the division, Bernaert will be the CEO of the new Eviden. The current CEO of the current Eviden division, Philippe Oliva, who joined Atos last year 2022, will leave the company after a transition period.

Atos, which is responsible for offering technology, cybersecurity and analytics solutions to companies, is going through a complicated phase due, among other things, to the lateness in which it began offering cloud services to its clients. This caused many to migrate to other competing companies with a higher level of technological advancement, which damaged Atos’ sales.

Not only that, but the company has lost a good part of its market value in the last three years. That is why they have had to take measures, such as dividing it into two and selling Tech Foundations, which will be awarded including the debt that weighs on it, some 1.9 billion. Of course, at Atos they are considering other options to take measures in case their division project, highly criticized by several minority shareholders, is not approved.

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