Attack of the Giants 4: Eren’s Italian voice dubbing the trailer for the final season

As anticipation grows for the debut of Part 2 ofAttack of the Giants 4 which will arrive in January 2022 on Crunchyroll, certainly not exciting news arrives about the dubbing of the final season of the anime taken from the acclaimed sorceress of Hajime Isayama.

Alessandro Campaiola, actor and voice actor as well as the Italian voice of Eren Jaeger, revealed via Instagram that there is still no official news regarding the Italian adaptation of the dialogues of the fourth season of the anime series. However Alessandro, who we remember being a son of art as his mother is Monica Ward and Luca Ward’s grandson, wanted to give us a surprise emotion by dubbing the final trailer of Attack on Titan 4 released just a few days ago.

The final trailer of The Attack of the Giants 4 voiced by Alessandro Campaiola

It is almost useless to point out how the expressive power of Alessandro’s voice and his undisputed artistic skills manage to give the promotional video that epic nature that we all expect from the conclusion of the anime.

Release date and plot of Attack on Titan 4 – Part 2

The final episodes of the Attack of the Giants 4 will debut the next one January 9, 2022 on NHK and Crunchyroll with episode 76 entitled “Condanna”.

The premiere of the fourth season of The attack of the Giants was broadcast on NHK TV on 7 December 2020, and then landed, the following day, in simulcast and simuldub on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video.

The first part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan is also already available on Netflix since last August 15th.

What will become of the future of humanity? The seasons have passed, friendships have been wounded, weapons have gone underground like the uniforms of those who were part of the Research Corps. Ghosts, there’s nothing left of them.

Just empty. Except for a seed donated by their sacrifice: Hope for mankind. A lot has happened to Eren, Mikasa, Armin.

We saw them one last time in front of the dazzling expanse of the horizon. Together they fought for freedom. Like them we too want to know the secrets of the world. Push forward. All the things we have seen happened for a purpose and it is time for them to end.

A strange, almost bitter thought, but one that has pushed us this far. To the final season.

Synopsis and details of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants

Attack on Titan 3 saw the battle unfold to recapture Wall Maria!

Thanks to Eren’s new abilities, the explorers are confident they can seal the wall and regain control of the Shiganshina District. If they succeed, Eren will finally be able to enter the basement of his home and shed light on the secrets of this world.

But the danger is still lurking and perhaps this could be humanity’s last battle for survival?

Across the sea, Eren thought he would find freedom. But beyond the waves, the battlefield between the armies of Marley and Eldia is actually revealed. The Eldian warriors gathered to face their oppressors must prove themselves worthy to inherit the powers of the primeval titans …

Yuichiro Hayashi (Dorohedoro, Garo the Animation, Kakegurui 1 and 2) directs the series with Hiroshi Seko (Ajin, Vinland Saga, Mob Psycho 100) who oversaw the script.

TO Tomohiro Kishi (Dorohedoro, 91 days) was entrusted with the character design of the characters while Hiroyuki Sawano, with Kohta Yamamoto (Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments) are back to take care of the music.

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