Attack of the Giants and Fast and Furious 9 “together” thanks to Charlize Theron’s look

The attack of the Giants will return next winter with the second part of Attack on Titan 4, but the anime based on the manga of Hajime Isayama is back in fashion thanks to Charlize Theron, one of the protagonists of Fast and Furious 9.

The actress who plays the role of Cipher, villain introduced in the eighth chapter of the franchise Fast & Furious, in the film that has recently debuted in the USA, he sports a very special look that has a lot of fans, he immediately remembered the character of Yelena by AoT.

We propose Charlize Theron as Yelena in the live action of The Attack of the Giants

In fact, thanks to the unmistakable bob cut, one cannot fail to admit the incredible resemblance between Theron and the Eldian soldier of Marley’s army, a fervent Zeke Jaeger.

In fact, there are many posts on social media that have highlighted this singular juxtaposition between The Attack of the Giants and Fast and Furious 9, with the South African actress who seems to be the perfect incarnation of Yelena.

In some poses the resemblance is so incredible that, in our small way, we feel we can warmly “sponsor” the casting of the talented and talented Charlize for the live action film of The Attack of the Giants. After all, both the character of Cipher and that of Yelena, in addition to the bob cut, also have a certain amount of mental “imbalance” in common.

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