Attention: Edge criticized for its functions, so you drag applications to the Windows 11 bar and more

Gone is the time in which Internet explorer ruled these sorts of uses, so the first Edge was released as its replacement. This saw the light next to Windows 10, although the success achieved over the years was quite scarce. Hence precisely that the company launched a new version of its program, also called Edge, but now based on Google’s Chromium. In this way, what is intended is to compete directly with the major players in the world of browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.

Once the market penetration of Mozilla’s proposal is overcome, Edge goes for Chrome, although this will cost considerably more.

New criticism falls on the Edge browser

To achieve this objective that we are commenting on, one of the main strategies that Microsoft is using is to launch new functions that it integrates into the program. However, the criticism does not stop raining down on him for one reason or another. For some time we have been talking about the disagreements of other developers shown by the difficulty of changing default browser in Windows 11. This is something that those of Redmond increasingly complicate in order for users to use their proposal that is already pre-installed in the system.

I use Edge tabs

But this is not the only problem that Microsoft’s browser is presenting for many. And it is that after the latest integrated functions such as the Buy now function or the new games button, some consider that the program is being saturated. It is also true that all these functions that are being implemented lately, they do so in the preliminary versions of Edge. This means that even though Microsoft is testing many features in its browserNot all of them will make it to the final version of the dot program.

So you can drag elements to the Windows 11 bar

Changing the third, we are going to focus on Windows 11, an operating system that is also generating some controversy. A good part of all this is given by the task bar that it implements. Compared to other previous versions of the system, users consider this bar to be much worse. Although it seems that Microsoft is going to back down in this regard, for example, for now we can’t drag and drop apps here.

drag bar

However, to solve this problem before the firm does it next year, we will talk about an interesting solution. Actually, it is a simple open source software that will allow us to take this type of action to the task bar of the new system. All you have to do is download Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar from its official GitHub page.

Teams improves music recognition

The application Teams Microsoft keeps receiving new features to improve the experience of its users. Now we are going to talk about a new functionality that will come shortly related to the sound that surrounds us in meetings. The platform has the possibility of suppressing the noise that surrounds us during a meeting. Thus, any background noise, including music, will be automatically removed. But this is not always the most desirable.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 Chat

Therefore, the new functionality that we are talking about will allow us, if we need it and automatically, to allow the reproduction of that background noise, for example if it is a musical theme. East music detector is based on machine learning and it will inform the user when there is music through a notification that will appear on the screen.

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