Attention: Microsoft forces you to use Edge, download the latest Windows 11 ISO and more

We have a multitude of options at our fingertips when choosing our favorite web browser to use on a Windows PC. There are well established alternatives on the market such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. However, a new actor has appeared that we must take into consideration and that comes from the hand of Microsoft, we mean the new Edge web browser.

Of course, considering that the mentioned operating system corresponds to the same developer, the firm does everything it can to get us to use its software here. It does not always succeed, and good proof of all this is found in the fact that the Google program is, by far, the leader in this sector. However, despite all this, those from Redmond do not seem to give up.

Microsoft blocks Deflector and forces Edge to be used in Windows 11

We tell you all this because the firm has taken a new measure for all of this that the majority will surely not like. For years Microsoft has tried to force us to use Edge on Windows taking all kinds of roads. For example, it forces links within the system to open in this browser through the microsoft-edge: // protocol. It must be said that this is used in the integrated Windows search, in News and interests, etc. In this way, when clicking on a link here, Edge is used instead of the user’s default browser.

To skip this measure of a time to this part we could use the Edge Deflector program, but it seems that the thing is going to end. It seems that the developer of this external application has reported that Microsoft does not allow modifying this protocol in the latest versions of Windows 11 Insider. This means that the objective of this program no longer works and we will have to continue using Edge in the mentioned situations. Without a doubt, this is a movement that will cause the rejection of the majority.

Download the latest Windows 11 Insider ISO

But with everything and with it sure that many users will want to be able to use the new version of the operating system launched by Microsoft. We say all this because the company just released Build 22499 of Windows 11 for Insiders. But not only that, but it also already gives us the opportunity to download the latest ISO image of this build of the operating system.

Download ISO Windows 11

This will allow us to install the new operating system, Windows 11, from scratch and have the most recent version sent by the company. In addition, this way we will be able to test first-hand all the novelties at a functional level that have been implemented in recent weeks, all of this before they reach the rest of the users.

Important software updates of the week

As usual, the different developers of the software applications that we have installed on our computer, release their own updates. It is precisely for this reason that below we will mention some of the most recent that have just been sent to the whole world.

  • XRECODE3 1,114– Powerful audio converter that is compatible with most of today’s sound formats. 64-bit native support for audio or full album normalization has been introduced.
  • Mailbird 2.9.49: This is a client to manage all our email that has been growing and improving with us for a good number of years. There are improvements to manage contacts, integrated calendar applications, as well as others for messaging.
  • Audacity 3.1.1: you can now update some of the world’s most popular audio editing programs thanks to all the functions it presents. This is an update that basically focuses on correcting the most recent errors detected in the program.
  • Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 1.9.17: here we find an interesting multimedia content player that has been with us for many years. Thumbnail loading has been improved, more support for playlists, and much more.
  • Master PDF Editor 5.8.18: the use of files in PDF format does not stop growing and this is one of the solutions that will help us to work with them. Its developer improves virtual PDF printing, character recognition via OCR and corrects detected bugs.

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  1. I was using Edge browser ever since the Chromium version came out. But now, I am back to Chrome because Microsoft Staff failed to respond to annoying bugs. This ignoring occured in October, 2021. I was forced back to Chrome.

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