Attentive: a great news comes to the Microsoft Store, free games and a new Red Hat

There are many sections that are part of the most used operating system in the world, Windows, and not all of them with the same degree of success. One of the elements that has the least acceptance among the majority of users is the official store of the system, the Microsoft Store.

However, the firm itself is working on certain improvements in this regard so that we use more of this store that we are commenting on. Many of the changes that we are going to find here are currently being implemented in Windows 11. In addition, many of them are also reaching the most recent versions of Windows 10. Among the most significant changes that are being incorporated in the Microsoft Store is the possibility of downloading other types of programs in addition to the usual UWP applications.

This feature will make you like the Microsoft Store much more

In this way we can get hold of some of the titles that we normally download from their official websites to date. But despite all this, the firm is working on other important changes and functions in order to attract the attention of more users. This is the case in which we want to focus on these same lines. We refer to a new functionality that will surely be more than attractive to many and that has been requested for a long time.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, we refer to the possibility of customizing the location of the disk of the game installations from the Windows store. As you can imagine, this will allow us to have absolute control over the routes and units in which we are going to install the games downloaded from here. In addition, to all this we could add that later we would have the possibility of moving these titles to any other folder or disk unit that we want. Keep in mind that this is a function that is still in full development, hopefully it will reach everyone soon.

Download this new Linux Red Hat right now

Lovers of open source systems are sure to celebrate the launch of this new distribution. Specifically, we are talking about the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 version that is already available to everyone. It brings with it several new features that will delight many. Here we can highlight the RHEL web console or the application of patches of the Kernel in real time without using the command line function.

Red Hat Desktop

In turn, Red Hat’s predictive analytics service to identify and solve system problems, receives functions to help manage the installations of Red Hat Enterprise on the cloud. The new version also simplifies multi-cloud operations with support for new permissions to configure, automate and manage services in the installations from Red Hat Enterprise.

Enjoy this free game for a limited time

Many of the game lovers want to have their libraries of these titles as full as possible. In addition, if this is achieved by making a minimum financial outlay, all the better. Keep in mind that many of the current virtual stores such as Steam o Epic Games Store, offer titles free of charge on a one-off basis. This is the case of the second proposal that we have mentioned, the one corresponding to Epic. And it is that at least every week it presents us with a new title so that we can add to our library at no cost.

epic games

In this case we find that we can get the title Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, in addition to an exclusive package to unlock in Rogue Company.

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