Attentive: edit videos without complications, avoid failures in PowerToys and download this game for free

When choosing our favorite shows, we must take into account several factors. On the one hand, the complexity of these, on the other their price. Let’s talk about office suites, multimedia players, or programs for edit photos or videos.

If we focus on editing video content, some interesting free proposals have started to appear in the past few years. In the past this was almost unthinkable, since this type of program was limited to a few professionals. To this we must add that many of them were paid, so finding a free solution in this sector was a complicated task.

However, at this time we can find some interesting software solutions of this type that will be very helpful. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about next Video Candy.

Looking for a free and easy video editor? Look at this

It is true that companies like Adobe offer us some very professional programs with these characteristics and with which we will obtain impressive results. But that is not exactly what we are looking for on many occasions. When are we going to edit our video content many times what we want is something simple as well as effective. This is precisely what we are going to find with this type of Video Candy solution.

Actually, we are talking about a web application that we can use directly from the browser and that is divided into various categories or modes of use. Depending on what we need, we can choose one mode of operation or another, and all of them are very easy to use. In this way we have at our fingertips functions as common as trim a video, join several, compress, add music, etc.

PowerToys Fail on Windows? Update now

Just a few days ago we were talking about the new launch of Microsoft tools known as PowerToys. Here we mention the launch of a new one that focused on having in view at all times that program that we want in Windows. However, some users have found that after updating to version 0.53.1 of PowerToys, some of its functions stopped working as it should.

powertoys always

That is why shortly after the Redmond-based firm has been forced to launch a new update. Right now you we recommend installing PowerToys 0.53.3 in order to solve the possible problems that we have encountered in recent days. Specifically with this new version Microsoft solves three problems reported by users themselves.

Conquer the galaxy with this free strategy game

Most of us love it add new content to our PC game libraries. If we focus on one of the most popular stores at the moment such as the Epic Games Store, every week we have the opportunity to do this that we tell you about. In fact, for only a few hours we have the possibility, for a limited time, to add the title to our personal library Galactic Civilizations III.

free game

Thanks to it, we will have the possibility of becoming virtual explorers and conquerors of the galaxy. All this through the different types of characters that we can choose from here, in addition without spending a single euro.

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