Attentive: Teams will be more secure, new PowerToys and update these programs

How could it be otherwise, a clear example of all this is found in giants such as Google or Microsoft. In fact, now we want to talk to you about one of the most successful projects that is having the most success in recent times belonging to the creator of Windows. We refer to Microsoft Teams, a platform that does not stop improving and that allows us to communicate in different ways and hold virtual meetings with users from all over the world.

Teams is made more secure and reliable with this feature

In fact, earlier this year the company announced that it was working on a very important security feature in Teams video calls. Specifically, we refer to the size for end-to-end encryption in Teams. Well, we can say that at the moment the company itself has announced that the functionality is already available in its trial versions. For those of you who do not know what we are talking about, say that end-to-end encryption focuses on encrypting information at its source and decrypting it at destination.

You can imagine that with this what is achieved is that the intermediate nodes cannot decipher the information that we transmit on the platform. This is something that we can already use in the VoIP calls, which will allow sensitive information to be transmitted more securely. Of course, the characteristic that we are commenting on will be valid when both the sender and the receiver have it activated.

New PowerToys to help with the mouse pointer

Surely many of you already know that Microsoft PowerToys are open source tools developed by Microsoft to improve Windows. Basically these allow us to be more productive in the operating system thanks to the additional functions that are integrated after their installation.

Little by little the firm is adding new PowerToys so that we can choose the ones we want to activate and use in the system. These come through new updates that are released periodically. We tell you all this because the firm has just announced a new tool that will help us locate the mouse pointer on the screen. Although it has not yet received an official name, there has been talk of its usefulness.

PowerToys 0.43

Specifically, it has been designed to make it easier to locate the mouse pointer on a high-resolution screen. In this way, if this is how we work on design projects with large screens and high resolution images, this function will not be of great use. Thanks to it, we will not lose sight of the mouse again. It is worth mentioning that it is still in the experimental phase but that it will shortly reach the final version of the set of tools.

Software updates of the week

New versions arrive almost constantly in the form of updates for our programs. These are important both to receive the latest news of the installed software, as well as to patch its most recent vulnerabilities. That is why we will talk about some of the latest updates who have reached various programs in the last few hours.

  • Malwarebytes when it comes to security, this is one of the most important solutions we can use. Considering the software industry you are referring to, we definitely need to update as soon as possible. In addition, Malwarebytes is software that does not stop growing and improving over time.
  • Thunderbird 91.2.1: On the other hand, if we want to focus on email managers, Thunderbird is one of the best known proposals. Owned by the Mozilla firm, the platform has just been updated with new features related to functionality and security.
  • Caliber 5.30: here we meet one of the most important e-book managers in the world. Of interest to its many secrets to being successful are the constant updates released by its open source development team.
  • PDF24 Creator 10.6.2: working with files in PDF format is increasingly widespread, so the solutions that help us grow in importance. This is precisely the case of PDF24 Creator, a program that has just been updated with functions that will facilitate this office work.

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