Audio Technica has a new microphone focused on podcasters

Audio-Technica’s go-to microphone for podcasters

Audio-Technica is along with Rode, Shure and Sennheiser one of the best known audio brands, although some may associate it more with their popular headphones, such as the Audio-Technica MX50. Hence, it is not surprising that they are launching a new microphone with a clear focus on the podcaster world. Because they know very well what these need and after many widely used models, why not offer something more specific.

The new Audio-Technica AT2040 it’s a dynamic hypercardioid microphone that in environments where the soundproofing against external is not good nor the acoustic treatment itself to avoid unwanted bounces would be much more convenient than other very popular condenser mics such as the Blue Yeti.

Of course, to obtain that professional quality that the brand promises, it will a sound interface with XLR connection is missing. Because unlike other recent models like the Shure MV7, here there is no USB connection of any kind, the only option is an XLR connector. Logically this takes away some mobility, as you would have to carry some additional accessory.

The good thing is that there are already portable mixers with a very small size and full of options like the recent Roland Go: Mixer PRO-X. So if your priority is quality, surely you don’t mind carrying it in your backpack. Because it includes phantom power and you could record just by connecting your mobile phone to it later.

Otherwise, the new Audio-Technica podcast microphone is made of metal and is relatively compact in size. So you not only gain some comfort when storing it, also greater resistance to the passage of time compared to another where there are more plastic parts.

Rivals of the Audio-Technica AT2040

Taking into account the approach of the new Audio-Technica AT2040 and that only includes an XLR connection, the question is who is competing against. Because the microphone has a price of around 100 euros, much cheaper than the Shure MV7 which is around 240 euros (this does offer an integrated USB interface).

So from the start it seems that its natural rivals would be similarly priced proposals and where you would also need an external sound card to connect to your computer. That would imply an additional expense that would be around 100 euros for the most basic and from then on according to the needs of each one. First, three rivals of this mike would be the following.

Rode PodMic

Microphone focused on the creation of podcasts, solid construction and elegant style. Of course, it is a heavy mic with its 937 grams and you need a sound interface with an XLR connection.

Shure SM58

This microphone is a classic within the options that cost around 100 euros and are dynamic type, no condenser. It may not be aesthetically as attractive as Rode’s or Audio-Technica’s own, but unless you need it to appear flat, it shouldn’t matter the least. Even coming out on video, if it is the one that best suits your voice, you shouldn’t even consider another option.

Audio-Technica AT2020

It could be said that it is the previous version, although it really is not. The Audio-Technica AT2020 has also been a widely used microphone by many content creators during these years as it has an attractive price and a more than good quality for all kinds of uses.

Samson Q2U

Ok, this microphone would not exactly be a rival because it includes a USB interface, but it is a proposal by way of Extra Bonus that can not be ignored when it comes to microphones for podcasts and that are around 100 euros. What’s more, now that you can buy it for 69 euros, it is the best option to start recording a podcast.

However, whichever option you choose, there are currently a large number of quality microphones to record your podcast professionally. So you just need to do a little research to see which option best suits your needs. But don’t lose sight of this proposal.

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