August and September, the months of As a Service in MuyPymes

payment for use, better known as as-a-service, is revolutionizing the way small businesses consume technology. A few years ago, the enjoyment of complete and powerful solutions was destined for the largest, due to their expensive licenses. However, many technology companies saw an opportunity to reach smaller companies by offering their products and services for a lower price.

Therefore, from MuyPymes we believe that this will be a key sector in small and medium businesses, for this reason we will dedicate the months of August and September to payment for use (As a Service). Our goal is for you to learn more about this market and to know which sectors and companies participate. At the end of September we will launch the digital magazine ‘As a Service’.

What promotional actions will we carry out?

In addition to including the ‘As a Service’ category on our homepage, the magazine will be included in the Digital library of thematic magazines, so you can download it whenever you want. What kind of articles are you going to see these months in MuyPymes?

  1. in-depth reportsarticles by the protagonists of the sector, personalized interviews, success stories, etc… We want to know more information about the technology, services and proposals made by brands in pay-per-use mode.
  2. Thematic newsletter. At the end of August, we will select the most disruptive news in the field of pay per use to prepare a newsletter focused exclusively on this sector. At a glance, you will find out everything that is happening in this industry, especially who its protagonists are.
  3. thematic magazine. With this action, from MuyPymes we continue with the interactive magazine format, with a (very visual) report where we are going to collect the most important things that we have published during August and September, with exclusive articles that we will collect for you. Large format photos, a foreword by a representative of the sector and informative pills on the subject, will be available at the end of September for all professional readers of TPnet.

In short, we follow a new section in VeryPymes which will be brief but very intense and with which we want to inform all those interested of the specific technological advances that are on the market for the as a service sector and the opportunity to increase their business for SMEs and the self-employed.

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