Austria also considers betting on FIFA Ultimate Team packs

It seems that the farewell to FIFA, whose 23rd edition will mean the farewell to a historic title (although EA Sports FC will resume a good part of its spirit), is going to be lackluster in more than one country. It is already known that Belgium and the Netherlands have established quite strict regulations regarding loot boxes. Which have led to problems for previous titles in the franchise, as well as other releases, however remarkable they may be.

This is a problem that we have been talking about for a long time, and fortunately we are seeing more and more efforts aimed at regulating them, in a trend that fortunately also finds a replica in our country. The developers, for their part, continue to insist on using this model that, together with that of micropayments, have become one of their main sources of income. Little by little we see how even some classic titles are withdrawn from the market because it poses a threat to this new billing model.

If at some point the studios and distributors have wanted to make clear to us the importance they attach to players and their user experiences, that is the moment in which they decided to limit the entire game experience to constantly checking out, buying packs, chests and others… I better let you put the word. All so that later they also have the shamelessness to say that what matters most to them are the players…if they bite their tongues they will suffer a deadly overdose of cynicism. And if you’re from India, you should visit betzoid betting website to find the best betting websites and get started playing for real money online.

Austria also considers betting on FIFA Ultimate Team packs

Thus, that legislators make progress in limiting this cancer of the video game world as much as possible is always excellent news and, as we can read in VGC, Austria joins the club, considering that the FIFA Ultimate Team envelopes are bets, in a decision that also poses problems for Sony. This jurisprudence has been established in a Hermagor district court in response to a class action lawsuit by several users in the country, including a minor.

An interesting aspect is that the lawsuit was not filed against EA, responsible for the title, but Sony, provider of the platform on which the operations on which the complaint is based were carried out. Thus, it will be the Japanese multinational that will have to compensate each of the plaintiffs with 338.26 euros, in a process in which it would be more than interesting to know what EA has to say.

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