Autobuyers: FIFA 22 cheats’ secret and infinite money

Where is the trick?

The term speculating is closely related to the stock market and cryptocurrencies, but believe it or not, every year in FIFA a large number of speculators gather who are able to generate many coins in exchange for selling and reselling the most sought-after and sought-after players.

It is a completely legal strategy. You study the market, decide to invest in players from the transfer list and, after obtaining a great purchase price, you choose to sell it at a higher price due to the existing demand. In the end, your balance of coins grows, and all you have done is a trading card with an initial investment. What if we could automate all of this?

The Autobuyers


That’s where autobuyers, or as the English name suggests, automatic buyers come into play. They are automated programs that allow players to establish search criteria based on their requirements or interests. For example, you have noticed a special interest in a certain striker, and although its price is usually somewhat high, the original starting price allows you to get it for much less (as long as it is not taken away before).

These programs are in charge of controlling your FIFA 22 web-app account so that they can enter your profile, control your squad and search the transfer market. Thus, you can tell it to find you a certain player with an exact price, and if it finds it, it will automatically buy it from you.

Are they illegal?

Technically, these tools do not violate any of the EA service terms of use. These are scripts that are installed in the user’s browser and that schedule tasks based on the options of EA’s own platform. In short, they are automated macros that facilitate the user’s work, so they cannot be treated as hacks, hence they exist year after year.

Another issue is sportsmanship. Obviously, users who make use of this type of mechanism have an advantage against other players. And is that having a balance of millions of coins allows you to buy very important players for your team, something for which many users need to play for several months to get it. For that reason, the use of autobuyers should be prohibited, as it completely breaks the meaning and mechanics of the game.

Where can they be found?

Here we are not going to tell you where to find tools with which to cheat. We simply must indicate that there are payment solutions with a monthly fee, since many have seen in the tool a business idea that many are willing to pay. Still, there are free solutions that do the same thing, and they are usually extensions for Chrome that do everything in a matter of a couple of clicks. Whether or not you use these tools will depend on you, but from here we encourage you not to.

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