Autocine Madrid Race will provide food service to cars with drones

With the collaboration of Gopick and Net2fly, Autocine Madrid Race has started the tests to use drones that will provide service and serve food to the cars that will receive your order in less than a minute.

Drive-in Madrid Race Y Gopick, the application to order food from the car, have begun the tests of air transport of food to cars with drones. Both firms hope to streamline the service they offer to customers who will be able to receive their orders in less than a minute.

This innovative initiative highlights the growing presence of the drones in multiple sectors and with diverse applications beyond its use of surveillance, as in the case of traffic, or for the recording of aerial images. Undoubtedly, this shows that its use is increasingly useful in different areas where it is being tested and, in the hospitality industry, it is no exception.

In this case, the drone delivery initiative is developed in collaboration with Net2fly, a drone agency and operator certified by AESA, which manages the documentation of the pilots and the aircraft fleet. Likewise, it is also in charge of the operations and flight plans necessary to carry out the flights with safety and coordination.

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A valuable service from Autocine Madrid Race

For this, we have drones that are between 6 and 9 kilos in size and designed to be able to fly in urban areas where the weight limitation is 10 kilos. In order to provide an optimal service to Autocine Madrid Race customers, initially we work with two teams that will allow us to give uninterrupted service. These will be piloted by professional pilots depending on the demand and the orders made by the clients.

According to the firm, each drone can carry up to two orders simultaneously for up to four people.

With this, they will be able to have their food order in record time since it is estimated that the delivery time will be reduced by 80%, with which deliveries will take less than a minute.

This speed in delivery service It will provide the user with a most satisfying experience while they continue to enjoy the movie. Likewise, deliveries will be made in a simple and agile way since the customer will not need to interact with the drone or the pilot and can pick up their order without leaving the seat of their car.

From the company they define this experience of speed, agility and efficiency. With this, not only users will benefit from this service, but also the Autocine Madrid Race itself as they trust that it will bring them an increase in demand.

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