Autopatch: this will update Microsoft Windows and Office for you

One of the most basic tasks of computer maintenance is updates. With them we not only correct errors that can cause the PC to malfunction, but we also cover up serious bugs and vulnerabilities that can be used to hack our computers. Microsoft tries, by all means, that PCs are always up to date. Even in the latest versions of Windows, disabling these updates is even complicated. But the update is going to end, and all thanks to a new service recently launched by Microsoft: Auto patch.

Microsoft presented this service for the first time in April of this year, although it has not been until now, specifically a few hours ago, when it has begun to reach users. With it, the company wants its users to forget about everything related to PC updates, both the operating system and the drivers and firmware. will even take care of update Office in Microsoft 365 and the Edge browser without users having to do anything.

Despite the launch of this new service, Microsoft will continue to release new updates and security patches for its products on the second Tuesday of each month. Therefore, whether or not we have the right to use Autopatch, our system will continue to be updated as it has been up to now.

To ensure proper system-wide functionality, Microsoft will update Autopatch computers in a similar way to updates from Windows Update. Initially, updates will be sent to what is known a “trial ring” (Test Ring), where are a small group of representative systems. If everything is correct, the PCs will continue to be updated in waves: a first ring (First Ring) with 1% of the devices, a second ring (Fast Ring) with 9% of the devices, and a last ring (Broad Ring ) where 90% of the remaining teams will be.

The goal of Autopatch, according to Microsoft, is that 21 days after each update, more than 95% of the computers are up to date. And, most importantly, make sure there are no problems updating Windows, Office and other services.

A service only for companies (for now)

At the moment, Autopatch is a free service, but reserved only for users of the Enterprise editions, that is, for companies. Specifically, Microsoft will offer it as one more service for the Windows Enterprise E3 and E5 editions, but will leave out other editions for professional use such as Education (A3) or Front Line Worker (F3).

To start using this service, administrators must enter the “Tenant Administration” section of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. There they must select the option to sign up for the Tenant program, accept the terms of use, and sign up for the program. Once targeted, Autopatch will detect all the computers on the network, and divide them into the aforementioned groups.

At the moment it is a very new service, designed above all for companies, with which Microsoft wants to end one of its biggest problems: security breaches. Therefore, at the moment we do not believe that it will reach the Home and Pro editions of Windows, since these can perfectly rely on automatic updates from Windows Update. Although we do not rule out that Microsoft uses the results obtained from the tests to improve the service.

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