Avalmadrid and the Alcobendas business association promote the financing of SMEs

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Alcobendas, AICA and Avalmadrid have reached a collaboration agreement to seek synergies and carry out joint actions with the aim of supporting SMEs through a adequate and quality financing. In the same they have participated on the part of the first, its president Javier Beitia, and on the part of the second, its general manager, Pedro Embid.

Both Avalmadrid and AICA consider small and medium-sized companies to be a fundamental instrument in the generation of wealth and employment in the Madrid economy. Likewise, from the business association they explain that the changing situation of the environment, both from the technological and social point of viewhas generated the ideal conditions for the development of new projects initiated by entrepreneurs and new business opportunities.

The problem is that, according to its president, “Despite the fact that the technical viability of many of these new business initiatives has been verified, these projects cannot be launched, mainly due to the difficulty of accessing sources of financing”.

Dissemination of financial tools

Thus, Avalmadrid and AICA establish this agreement in order to carry out all those joint actions that facilitate the promotion, dissemination and support for the use of the financial tools offered by the SGR. To this end, Avalmadrid has opened a customer service point in AICA’s own facilities and has appointed a permanent technician in this enclave, who will serve the entire northern area of ​​Madrid in order to complete its network and be able to provide better service to SMEs in Madrid.

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Avalmadrid is a reciprocal guarantee company designed to provide financing solutions to the business fabric made up of SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs in the Community of Madrid. In the words of its CEO, Pedro Embid, “For Avalmadrid it is vital to have direct access to businessmen and entrepreneurs from the Community and the agreement with AICA will be a very valuable connection point that will have a positive effect on both parties”.

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