Avast or Avira, how are these two free antivirus different?

Among the many software solutions that we can install on our computer, an antivirus could be said to be essential. These programs are responsible for protecting us against potential attacks that reach our computer. There are many solutions that we can use here, as in the case of Avast or Avira.

Here we talk about two free antivirus that many times get confused thinking that they are the same solution. But no, they are two independent programs that offer us their own functions and advantages when it comes to protecting our data. It is true that Microsoft’s operating system offers us its own solutions of this type, Windows Defender. But many users prefer to use third-party solutions, especially due to distrust of the software giant’s antivirus.

Once we have made the determination to install and use an external antivirus, to say that we have both paid and free alternatives. In these lines we are going to focus on two solutions that will not cost us a single euro Avast and Avira. Over the years, many users have thought that both proposals were the same, but they are not. In fact, there are important differences between the two security solutions, as we will see below.


In this way, when the time comes, we will have the possibility to choose the antivirus that most interests us in each case depending on our needs. It is for all this reason that below we will talk about the main differences that we are going to find between both solutions free security.

Which free antivirus to choose, Avast or Avira

The first thing we should know is that both proposals offer us more advanced payment solutions. But with everything and with this we can opt for its free version, valid for most end users. If we focus on everything related to compatibility, say that Avast does we can install on desktop computers based on Windows or macOS. In turn, it is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. For his part Avira can only be used on desktop computers.

In general terms and when it comes to antivirus functionality, we could say that Avast greatly outperforms Avira antivirus. The reasons for this statement that we make to you are various. And the thing is that the free version of Avast offers us very interesting additional functions. For example, here we are going to find a password manager integrated, a function of WiFi connection analysis, or one anti-ransomware layer. We can use all this in addition to the antivirus against all types of malware as such.


However, if we focus on the second of the proposed solutions, to say that in addition to the protection system, additionally here we find a VPN. Therefore, the functional difference between the two proposals is important. It is also worth noting that Avast antivirus offers us a total of three paid versions to choose from with a greater number of additional functions. However, Avira only offers us one most advanced business solution.

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