Avoid chaos on Discord with these 5 basic tricks

Actually, here we find a platform that allows us to interact through the Internet with users from all over the world while we play or carry out other tasks. All this thanks to the functions that it provides us by default. Of course, we must bear in mind that the Discord platform is not only focused on the use gamerbut we can take advantage of its features for many other tasks.

In short, what this platform allows us is create servers or rooms personalized chat rooms to talk with others or share all kinds of experiences and content. The type of use that is made in these rooms, although it has spread a lot among the players, can be of all kinds. In addition, we must be in consideration that this is something that we can carry out both from the web version of Discord, and from the windows app that we can install Next, we are going to talk about a series of tricks that will allow you to take advantage of this online platform that we are talking about in the best way.

Instant switch between Discord accounts

Obviously for all this that we have told you, we previously have to register on the platform with a personal account. Here we save our own credentials and an access code to later be able to create those relevant to rooms. In the lower left part of the main interface, our username is located next to an icon. Well, in case we have multiple accounts on Discordwe have the possibility to quickly switch between them by clicking on that icon and selecting Change account.

Control channel permissions

As usual in most of the services that we find on the internet, it is interesting to configure and increase privacy and security here. Discord offers us a series of functions for this type of task and thus shield the channels we have with our contacts here. We only have to access the program configuration once we have created the channel in question. Thus, in the Permissions section we will have the possibility to manage and control the permissions that we create in this program.

discord permissions

Leave groups and channels that we do not use

With time and the use of the platform, the groups and channels to which we are subscribed can accumulate. Therefore, we are going to try to eliminate or abandon those that we do not use on a regular basis in order to improve the use of Discord. To do this, initially all we have to do is access the server as such and click on the button that gives us access to its configuration. At this moment in the left panel we find a button called Delete channel, which is the one that interests us in this case.

delete channel

Reduce number of notifications

As with many other applications that we have installed in Windows, we periodically receive certain notifications. Discord could not be less, but this is a section that we can customize if we need it. This is a section that we customize from the general configuration window of the application. We click on the button that we find at the bottom of the interface that is represented by a gear.

In the left panel we find a section called notifications which is what interests us in this case in order to personalize the arrival of these messages.

Block users on Discord

In addition, as it happens in all Internet platforms, we can always find certain added users that for one reason or another we want to block. This is something that we can obviously do from this platform and we have various levels of blocking. To do this, we only have to click on the user in question and from its configuration we can silence it, prevent it from listening to what we say, expel him of the channel or block it completely.

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