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Only with that personal email we will have access to many of the applications that the search giant provides us, most of them in the cloud. In fact, these tools that Google provides us have been growing and improving little by little so that we can benefit from all its functions. In this way, our account is associated with that email from the Gmail manager, obviously all protected by a password and other additional security measures.

In addition to some time now, we have the possibility of using that same email and its corresponding personal account in many other third party platforms. Surely as you have verified first hand on multiple occasions, when registering on all kinds of websites, many times it is enough for us to enter our Gmail email to serve as an access identifier. In this way, the company that develops that platform or application will associate us with the Google accountwhich is beneficial for all.

We register in a matter of seconds without having to create new users, while the application obtains a series of personal data that is surely of interest to the corresponding company. However, on many occasions it is possible that we do not want to share a certain associated information to said account of the search giant. And it is that here we introduce some data on very private occasions.

Protect your Google account when sharing it on the internet

Therefore, to more thoroughly control the personal data that we are going to share with other platforms if we use the Gmail account, we should do this. Specifically, we refer to customizing the data that will be displayed when carrying out this type of task. And it is that the search giant allows us to control the personal information entered into our account, which is precisely what will be seen when using it on the internet.

The first thing we must do is access the configuration page precisely of our Google account. From it we will have the possibility to manage and customize a multitude of functions and parameters related to the safety and personal privacy. This is something that we achieve through this official website of the search giant. This is where we will see the data that we entered at the time when we created our Google account.

In this way, it is enough that we click on each of the sections exposed here to be able to customize who will be able to see the information that we enter. As you can imagine, this allows us to customize the privacy or exposure on the internet when we use our Gmail account on third-party platforms. Obviously, the data that we hide here will continue to be part of our Google account, but it will not be shown to other companies.

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