Avoid plagiarizing your PDFs with this simple change

When we sit in front of our computer, on many occasions we create our own content, be it of one type or another. This could be a simple Word text document, a photo or video editing job, a graphic design project, or a document in PDF format.

This is something that for many users happens practically daily, contents that on many occasions will later be share over the internet. Either by email, or to upload that file to a website, it will be exposed to others. The countless files in PDF format with which we work constantly today are a clear example of all this.

This is a type of file initially owned by Adobe that has been spreading thanks to all the functionalities it offers us. Precisely for all this, these types of files in particular are currently found in all types of sectors. They are used for store documentation long-lasting, in forms, to draft legal documents, generate invoices and estimates, etc. There are many of the advantages that this format presents us, something from which we can benefit completely free of charge. We are only going to need a specific program depending on the task we want to carry out.

But as we mentioned before, on many occasions we are going to share this content with the rest of the world in one way or another. It is true that many of the compatible applications allow us add an access password. This protects what the file contains from unwanted eyes.

Protect your own PDFs against copying or plagiarism

The key that we sometimes establish to access the PDF content, prevents unwanted users from seeing what you store. but this security measure is not always the most recommended. And it is that despite the usefulness of this movement that we discussed, sometimes it is not the most effective or useful. Therefore, in the event that we want to protect against plagiarism or copy our original PDFs, we have another interesting security measure at hand.

As with other documents such as Word DOCX, images or videos, we can always add a personal watermark to these files. With this, what we achieve in an effective and simple way is to establish a personal seal that cannot be easily eliminated, sometimes it will be impossible, so that no one takes ownership of that file. Perhaps at first it may seem like a somewhat complex task that requires advanced knowledge.

But it is interesting to know that adding a watermark to your own PDF is something quite simple and we can do it in seconds. For this we have a good number of applications, both local and online, that will help us in this type of task. The function presented by the ILovePDF web application serves as a clear example of all this.

lovepdf pdf

Through this we will only have to upload the corresponding PDF file and attach the watermark that we want to implement in it. In this way we will see that in a few seconds we will have our file protected against plagiarism before sharing it over the internet.

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