Avoid problems and crashes in qBittorrent when downloading with these changes

This success of the Torrent is given by various circumstances, among which we can highlight the advantages both in uploading and downloading content that they present to us. To all this, we can add the great quality and functionality of the clients we install in our equipment to carry out these tasks. It must be taken into account that one of the characteristics of the torrent downloads they rely on sharing large files reliably.

Thanks to the treatment of the packets that the P2P networks and the nodes do, the loss of information both on the download and on the upload is quite unlikely. This is something that is extensible, as you can imagine, in large volume files. Among these we can find elements of the importance of ISO images of operating systems, photos and videos high quality and weight. However, we can also run into some problems in this sense if we have not correctly configured the client that we use on our computer.

Precisely for all this that we tell you and in order to avoid problems and failures in the popular P2P client qBittorrent, below, we will talk about some changes in its configuration. In this way we will be able to get the most out of the program and save time on downloads.

Adjust the upload and download speed

To a large extent depending on the internet connection we have, in this program we should adjust its upload and download speed. This will allow us to give a higher or lower priority to the client depending on the use we make of it. Keep in mind that by default this does not include any limit. This could mean that when the client is running, the rest of the running applications could slow down your connection to a great extent.

To solve this problem, just go to the Tools / Options menu and click on the Speed ​​section. Here we can modify the values ​​for both downloading and uploading content and adjust them to what we need.

Specify the folders that qBittorrent will use

Keep in mind that P2P networksAs we mentioned before, on many occasions we use them to download large files. Also, if we carry out a multitude of downloads of this type, we should have some control over the space available on the disk units. This will avoid failures when working with this client, so we should modify some of its parameters.

Going back to the options screen that we have discussed previously, in this case we should go to the section called Downloads. Here we find the Default save location section to choose one Unit with enough free space.

Limit the number of simultaneous downloads

At the same time, we should also limit the number of downloads and uploads that the program can carry out simultaneously. This is highly recommended both in limited equipment in terms of specifications, or if we have low speed connections. To configure this section that we comment on, we go back to the aforementioned Options window and click on BitTorrent.

In the new window that appears, we will have the possibility to specify and limit the number of simultaneous connections that we want to have, both upstream and downstream.

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