Avoid Surge Issues on Mac with These Tips

Damage that can occur on your Mac

It is a fact that there are numerous power quality problems that can directly affect the different electronic products that you have connected to the network. In this case, the Macs themselves can be counted that, above all, will have an effect when they are recharging. Above all, focus on iMacs that don’t have a battery and the energy goes directly to the transformer and then to the rest of the components.

Different studies suggest that energy quality can cause numerous losses to users by directly affecting work products. That is why the use of prevention measures should always be recommended so that they do not end up affecting the internal components, since different areas may be affected as we are going to comment on below.

Battery failures

In the case of MacBooks that have a built-in battery, one of the components that will break down most often is this one. This is because it is the intermediate component that exists between the electrical current and the rest of the internal components. In the event that there is a change in voltage, the battery may stop working, causing irreparable damage to its consumption. In this way when the battery stops working, it will not store the necessary energy to be able to use it routinely without having to be connected to the charger on the wall itself.

This means that in order to continue using the computer, it is necessary to be constantly connected, as if it were a fixed device and did not have an integrated battery. Without a doubt, this is a serious problem that must always be taken into account, since the repair that must be carried out can be quite expensive. In these cases, as in a fixed computer, you must have the appropriate considerations that we will comment on below.

Problems with the motherboard and other components

Depending on the voltage difference that exists in the voltage, it is possible that the fault extends well beyond the battery. In these cases the repairs can be much more expensive and above all it makes the computer unusable until the repair is carried out. The most common problem that can occur is that the motherboard literally burns out, as a large amount of energy has suddenly entered through the different electronic systems.

base plate macbook

The motherboard is a basic element of any type of computer, since this is where all the elements are connected. From the processor, to the USB hubs or even the ventilation system. In the event that the motherboard does not receive the required power when its connectors burn out, the computer will literally stop working. Even these damages can break the storage or CPU. This will cause irreparable damage such as loss of information, and also its repair can be really expensive, easily exceeding 500 euros.

Ways to protect yourself against power surges

Once you have taken into account the damage that can be had in computers with a surge, you can move on to ways to avoid it. As we have commented previously, the losses that can be had with this overvoltage on a Mac are very large. That is why it is worth investing in overvoltage prevention and protection systems. We tell you how you can avoid it below.

Check the electrical installation

This is one of the most important aspects to take into account when you want to avoid overvoltages. The electrical installation must always be in good condition, since if it is outdated or poorly designed, frequent outages may occur. This makes it necessary to regularly check the plugs and also that there is no type of problem along the entire cable circuit, and not in the fuse box either.

It is really relevant that a home or office electrical panel has a overvoltages. In this way, when there is a difference in the voltages, it will jump, diverting the current and protecting the devices from possible breakdowns. In the event that you have a device at home constantly connected to the supply such as the computer, it is important that you contact an electrician to install this overvoltages which can save you many times from changing a device.

Protection sockets and strips

Macs have the need to be plugged into a socket to be able to power themselves like any other device. Although, you can find accessories that will be among the plugs to work they must have a grounding which is where the electrical power will be diverted in the event of an overvoltage. In this case, the power strips or plugs have an indicator that always informs us that we are protected or not from overvoltages.


Is important to have information about its ability to withstand a surge. Normally, the power strips that can be found on the market are prepared to withstand frequent electric shocks that affect the electricity supply. That is why it is always recommended to have a device of these characteristics at home to connect the iMac or recharge the MacBook, since it can save you from doing a really expensive repair.

Use of UPS or UPS systems

This is one of the most expensive, but also most effective ways to avoid the surge. That is why, if you want to always have the computer running, even if there is a power outage or there is an overvoltage, the UPS is what you should use. The UPS or UPS is a uninterruptible power supply that integrates different batteries and other energy storage elements in order to keep a device constantly connected. In this way, when there is a blackout, you will have enough time to save the work you were doing and shut down the equipment safely without being abrupt.

But what interests us in this case is the filter that it integrates to avoid voltage bumps and drops. Harmonics are eliminated from the network at all times if you are using an alternate network. It is important to highlight that in the market you can find 3 types of UPS in particular that correct different types of power supply failures. It can be summarized as follows:

  • Offline UPS– Corrects power failures, brownouts, or prolonged power surges.
  • UPS Line Interactive: in this case protection against prolonged undervoltages is added.
  • UPS online: one of the safest options and that corrects the most electrical faults. In this case, the previous ones are added to the micro-cuts, harmonic distortion, frequency variations, distortions in the line wave or current peaks.


As we have commented previously, in the market you can find a great variety of prices and it can occupy a large space in your workplace. Although, we must definitely recommend this UPS or UPS system to the Be prepared against a surge that exceeds 110% or the most common peaks. Likewise, whenever there are cuts in the supply, significant damage can be suffered and thanks to this filter everything will be covered.

Does the warranty cover this type of damage?

In the event that you have already suffered some kind of problem on your computer, surely you are quite puzzled by not knowing where you should go. In these cases it is important first that contact Apple itself if you still have the current warranty. In these cases, a diagnosis will be made to be able to know what has happened specifically. There can be many reasons for a battery to stop working or for a motherboard to be completely defective.

But in the event that it was an electrical problem derived from an overvoltage, you should know that Apple may not cover the repair. In these cases you will be obliged to go to the insurance of your home, in the event that you have hired it, to find out if these damages are covered. If so, they should take care of the repair or replacement of the Mac.

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