Avoid the cable clutter of your peripherals with the CTRL HUB 7

One of the biggest problems in our desk is the mess of cables that we usually have, which causes not only an image of neglect to those who come to visit us, but also makes it difficult to clean our desk and locate what each one is for. cable. Well, the solution to your problems could be the Streamsimplify HUB CTRL 7

There is nothing special about a USB hub or concentrator, basically they allow us to increase the number of USB ports that we have on the PC. That is, they connect to a USB type A port and in return they give us a large number of additional ports of this type. Although there are more and more of type C, these are not yet as widely implemented. Therefore, in a world where there are fewer and fewer ports of this type on PCs and they are more necessary, it is where USB nodes such as the Stream simplify CTRL 7 they are extremely useful, although in this particular case for reasons of their own. Let’s see, therefore, what is so special about it.

Streamsimplify HUB CTRL 7 Features

We are faced with a 7-port type A USB hubeach one with its own power port and LED indicator. Each of the type A ports included in the HUB USB CTRL 7, all of them except one are of the type 3.0while the last one is of type 2.0 with capacity of fast charge can provide up to 24 W of power for fast charging of a smartphone. This port can also be used for peripherals that do not require more bandwidth than USB Gen 2. In addition, it contains a button that contains various RGB effect settings that you can rotate until you find the one that best suits your needs.

Although in the section that stands out the most is because it is designed for organization and order freaks. Since in the box of the peripheral they include us 16 plastic icons that allow us to mark what type of device we have connected to said ports. However, most of these pieces contain drawings related to the world of streaming. Which is normal given that its manufacturer is specialized in peripherals for broadcasting audiovisual content over the internet. The organization capacity is complemented by an efficient cable management system, which will mean that we do not have them scattered all over the table.

The Streamsimplify HUB CTRL 7 communicates with the computer through a 1.8 meter cable with type A head in both extremes. Although we will not be able to connect it directly to our PC, since it has its own standard power supply. So you can continue charging the devices even with the PC turned off.

Price and availability

In addition, as it does not need drivers to be used, it is compatible with all operating systems. So you can also use it if you are from Mac. As for its final price, this is 50 euros recommended retail price.

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