Avoid these errors and spam will no longer reach your email

If you notice that you are receiving too many Spam emails, it is most likely due to one of the errors that we are going to show you. The providers have filters to better detect emails of this type. However, it does not always work correctly and there is always a percentage that escapes.

Errors that increase Spam

A spam email might contain malware hidden in attachments, links to malicious pages or false documents to impersonate a company. It is essential that you do not interact with these emails, as it could expose your security and cause problems.

Register on dubious platforms

One of the main mistakes is registering in Internet platforms that are not reliable. That’s a problem, since you’re putting your data away and it could end up in the wrong hands. In this way, they could take advantage of it to start sending you spam emails and putting your privacy and security on the Internet at risk.

Therefore, whenever you are going to register with an online service, make sure that you do it correctly. Do not put your data on any page, without really knowing if it is reliable or not. Otherwise, you could be giving attackers facilities.

Publicly expose your account

neither should you overexposing your address of mail. For example, you should not post it visibly in comments on websites or through social networks. There may be bots that are in charge of collecting all those addresses and you will start receiving spam emails without realizing it.

It is best that you make your account as protected as possible. Make it really private and don’t make mistakes on the net. Don’t post it anywhere, not knowing who might see your address.

Avoid and block spam

Accept terms without reading

Surely you have ever registered on a page or in an application and you have accepted the terms without reading. It is quite common and that can be a problem. Perhaps you are accepting that they send you advertising or that your data is transferred to third parties, which could start sending you all kinds of emails.

Our advice is that you always read the terms well. Be careful to check all the boxes when you go to register somewhere. This will help you keep your inbox as clean as possible and thus reduce the risk of spam.

Always use the same address

You shouldn’t always use your Main address In Internet. It is better that you have several, since this way you will avoid having to put it in places where it can be at risk. For example, if you are going to register on a platform that is not very secure, simply use a secondary account and thus avoid problems.

You can even opt for disposable email accounts. Basically, it means that they will last for a certain amount of time until they stop working. It can be from a few minutes to several days or weeks. You can use them only for something specific.

As you can see, it is important that you avoid these errors that we have shown. That will help you to have your email tray clean, without so much spam email. Avoiding Spam is in your hand and it is also important for security.

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