AWESOME! They pay 650,000 dollars for the NFT of a yacht that exists in the digital universe

The Metaverse, is a term that became “fashionable” in recent weeks thanks to a Facebook event in which the company announced, in addition to the name change, its own commitment to create a fully immersive digital universe, which would be available this decade .

Although, it is true that the Metaverse is a term that has been used for years, it still remains an unknown word, and outside the vocabulary of many users. In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the Metaverse it is the virtual environment of the future to which it will be possible to enter, instead of simply seeing a screen.

Another term that has gained relevance in the last year is the NFT, a cryptographic token that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NTFs cannot be mutually traded as they are non-fungible in nature.

NFT of a luxury yacht is sold for 149 ethereums

The popularity of the Metaverse has made hundreds of fans around the world wish acquire NFT of a large number of digital objects. On this occasion, an internet user has confirmed the purchase of a luxury yacht for 149 Ethereums, about 650,000 US dollars.

The luxury yacht, named “The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht “, is a digital representation of a boat, which seems to be an object that never finishes rendering (as if it were a video game). Its interior is made up of four floors, all equipped, an entertainment room, jacuzzi, helipad and other amenities .

The bad news, for many, is that this yacht can never be used by people in the “real world”, it can only be accessed through the metaverse. So why buy it? According to Zuckemberg, CEO of Facebook, The Metaverse in a few years will become an environment that millions of people will access every day around the world, so this ship could serve as a resting area.

In this virtual world it will be possible to carry out any activity with virtual reality devices, augmented reality glasses and applications.

This NFT is considered the most expensive of The Sandbox, so far, and is part of a pack of tokens for the video game, which include luxury villas, private islands, jet skis, etc.


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